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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorsameth View Post

    This unofficial count would put them at 1 million subs a year ago. Think its pretty safe to say WoW is still above 1mil.
    Well, I don't want to get into this...because in the end it is futile (especially with unofficial numbers, because ppl drag out wowcensus to show how bad everything is with WoW) - and if that doesn't work, they invoke dead realms against WoW or long queues for WoW.

    And stupidly not only pro-WoW and anti-WoW argue with each other, but ofc classic WoW and retail WoW ppl need to battle each other about who has the bigger dick...sorry...more players. So no need to attack WoW from the outside, we do a good job already among us.

    Arguments that I would make (and predict others will make in reply):

    -we know Blizzard games had 30 million MAUs in Q1. That is 10 million MAU per months distributed over all their games) so..yes...I would say WoW has more than a million. (what games are really active these days? Maybe Overwatch? What with HS, HoS, D3? If the last 3 attract 1 million MAU each and OW 2 million...that leaves 5 million for retail and Classic. Now..I am not THAT optimistic..but yeah...I think there is still a bunch of folks active in WoW)

    -but...but...but..most of them are in Classic (no source for that or if more are in retail - and is still WoW)

    -WoW once has 12 million and now has much less - so it is a fail.

    -FFXI never had more subs than now, so after 10 years that is thriving.

    Another number that we can rely on is Blizzard publishing day 1 sales of x-pacs (which include the pre-orders) so I am looking forward to those (and expect SL to hit 3 million again like the last couple of x-pacs)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorsameth View Post

    This unofficial count would put them at 1 million subs a year ago. Think its pretty safe to say WoW is still above 1mil.

    If that count was and still is to be believed, that should be a very worrisome number for Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    If that count was and still is to be believed, that should be a very worrisome number for Blizzard.
    Why though? I mean..where did the 12 million go that WoW once had? They didn't really infuse any of the other MMOs in a big way. MMOs like Rift and Wildstar fizzled out. SWtoR just sort of goes on with whatever ppl they have. FFXIV is a 10 year old game and with this alleged 1 million sub they reached the highest ever (as the guy from the company said).

    Do you think they will grow crazily in the future years and suck ppl from WoW when before people just seemed to have tried MMOs and walked away. (my interpretation that they walked away)

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    well didnt the 100m count the trials also?if it did then the 100m means nothing just marginal interest in wow,by that logic we should count all private servers,wow proly had 1bilion people atleast try those
    I don't know if they included trial accounts. 100 million real account is possible. People did recreate their accounts after ban. Given the number of years WoW has been around. Trial account is also relatively new. Did they post the 100 m before or after trial were announced? Would that many people create accounts during that period when trial were available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kithelle View Post
    Well if ganking has taught us anything it's that people love destroying people in a split second...
    Those same people don't like being destroyed just as quick though, and that's all PvP is there, they who lands their hit first wins.

    ESO could use resilience, lol.
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    most mmorpg can not live 15+ of warcraft is already a big success.

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    I just don't agree with your conclusion that the game had to decline when it did.

    Yes there was an inevitability that the game would've slowly declined after the popularity spike, but the game also massively blew it with WoD and BfA and seriously put people off. That's not the fault of the players, or age, it was a combination of really bad decisions from a game developer that led to a downward decline of a game.
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    i'm the last of 14 IRL friends that still plays WOW, but i have no life. friends that quit had numerous reasons into MOP, WOD, and Legion, and when they tried to come back in Legion/BFA then requit for other reasons such as:

    - too much changes, squishing, etc. to the point they longer identify with the game
    - too much time required, mandatory chores and work than they have time for
    - too many systems (from those who tried Legion and/or BFA)
    - overwhelmed by catch up
    they did like the gold tokens, wishing it was in the game earlier.

    some of the current top streamers did WOW doom and gloom youtube videos largely starting in CATA, and continued claiming maybe one more expac after MOP, WOD, etc. now have changed their tune. and saying like 5 to 10 more years of expacs. blizzard said many years ago when there were worries about population, they would keep making expacs as long as the demand was there

    collections tie players to a game, WOW is not the only MMO that has players locked down because of the investments made building collections, titles, ranks, currency, etc. this occurs in MMOs that were before WOW and still exist to this day with players holding on.

    some call it addiction, imo blizzard messing around too much with the game helped break the addiction for the majority, making the game painful to continue. i agree with many, only blizzard can kill WOW, and they are doing a outstanding job at it
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    I'm actually surprised Blizzard hasn't stopped development on WoW and made WoW 2. I do remember reading a thing somewhere about Ion or another dev saying that WoW has at least 20 years left until no one will think it's 'cool' anymore (imho)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Jackson View Post
    Every time there's talk of WoW's massive playerbase decline since Cataclysm days, people pop up with:

    - THE reason wow lost players
    - THIS is the main reason wow lost players

    Are people really that oblivious to the amount of MMOs from late 2000s onward which do some or many things better than WoW, and even if they don't gather 12 million players at any one time, all these games combined will chip away at WoW's stagnant gameplay model? For free?

    Were you really expecting 24 million players active by the time WoD dropped, doing the same exhausted formula of level -> grind gear -> raid or PVP, in an ever-breaking array of PVP balance patches and a story that's all over the place?

    All this for a sub fee to top it all off, when ESO and TOR offer 20x better stories and writing for free?

    WoW is pretty much a Korean MMO, all you do is collect shit, and do nothing with it. This has been WoW's formula since pre-BC, when people would just stand in the middle of Stormwind or IF in their epic gear having everyone marvel at their dedication to farm gold and pots every night of the week to afford raiding.

    How were people expecting this formula to retain and keep gathering millions of players? WoW's losing players because it gets boring after every expansion release, the writing after Warcraft 3 remains sub-par and the gameplay is either too repetitive or too frustrating, and other games offer much better alternatives, and chip away at its playerbase little by little. Mostly for free or a small one time purchase.
    Actualy vanilla was more like a soft korean mmo. BC and onward started to be more casual friendly and nothing like a korean mmo rpg. Todays wow you can log in 4 hrs a fews days a week and have everything on teh current tier. You cant do that on korean mmos.
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    Nobody would be citing the sub count if they were happy with the game. They'd just be playing and enjoying. People acting like they never expected WoW to drop in subs is an indication that they aren't having fun.
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    Meh even if there was only 1 million active subs that's still 15 million dollars a month. Most likely higher than that since tokens are $20 vs $15 for a sub. Blizz makes more if the people do use gold for play time. Even if it's just 500,000 subs that's still a hunk of dough ya know.
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    Yes, and somehow paradoxically constantly improve while making no changes to its sheer unparalleled perfection since [insert expansion where I started playing here].
    Quote Originally Posted by Daevelian View Post
    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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