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    Like I said, Fury apm is inflated by rampage not being counted as 1 cast, and also Fury isn't at the top of that list.. So what are you getting at? But lets say for a second that they fixed the way rampage was counted, we can just look at some logs and see.

    This is from the number 1 Ra-Den heroic Fury Warrior log.

    And this is the number 1 Ra-Den heroic Arms Warrior log

    Aside from the fact that you can look at tonnes of logs and see that neither Warrior spec is top, Fury is below Arms.

    Ok now take a look at this, it's the top Fury Warrior log for Ra-Den Mythic, and the undergeared Arms Warrior who ranked 15% had a higher APM than the Fury Warrior who got a rank 1 parse. So can we put this to bed, Fury Warrior does not have the highest APM in the game, or even close.
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    The casts tab doesn't represent individual actions. Just individually click on the two warriors from your link and it shows arms having 202 casts and fury having 244 casts. Even then, it's double counting charge as two casts.

    If that isn't enough, it's easy to debunk by checking the outlaw rogue where "combo point" is counting as a cast. I don't know beast mastery enough but I'm sure there is some silliness there too.

    So, to say the least, using that chart in warcraftlogs for the purpose of measuring APM is wrong. The SimC chart is a better estimate, with Havoc being the highest due to Meta/Furious Gaze haste.

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