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    The "Why are you (still) not a toy?" thread going into Shadowlands

    Hello fellow collectors!

    So I started to check my characters' bags for stuff that I can Marie Kondo out, and I realized I have a lot of "what the hell is this, maybe they make it into a toy at some point?" stuff stuck in my bags for ages. I thought we could list these items here, maybe someone in the right place sees it and something happens. Feel free to add any items you find in your own bags that fits the toy category.
    Also, before a new expansion we usually get a new pass on old things that become toys, tried to search for it, found nothing. ?

    Mesmerizing Fruit Hat
    Darkmoon Cannon
    Souvenir Raptor - technically you can lose it, so it's "risky", hence maybe not a real toy that you can't lose.
    Souvenir Elekk - same as with the raptor.
    Starlight Beacon - Not current anymore
    Swapblaster - we grew up since wod hopefully.
    Intra-Dalaran Wormhole Generator - this might be simply a trap for collectors.

    I know teleport items used to be a no-no, but we already have teleport toy(s) from timewalking. I don't think these being toys would hurt the game. They are old/outdated items anyways.
    The Last Relic of Argus
    Relic of Karabor / Bladespire Relic - If people want to go back to WoD, by all means, let them.
    Direbrew's Remote - I have this on almost all of my alts anyways.
    Jaina's Locket - I know I know, but it's been 10 years.
    Admiral's Compass - ??? Might be a problem with characters that do not have shipyards.

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    hook of the master angler
    reeves battery
    boots of the bay
    nat's hat, and any other fishing skill hat
    fire-watchers oath
    jaina's locket
    key to nar'thalas academy
    battle standard of coordination
    mardivas universally lauded tote
    lightning-forged aurgment rune
    obelisk of the sun
    flight masters whistle
    dalaran hearthstone

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    Tabard of the Lightbringer
    Fire Watcher's Oath
    Kalec's Image Crystal
    Net-o-Matic 5000
    Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife
    Brazier of Awakening
    Battle Standard of Cooperation
    Horde Battle Standard
    Violet Seal of the Grand Magus
    Pugilist's Power Punching Ring
    Flight Master's Whistle
    The Last Relic of Argus
    Time-Lost Artifact
    Blessed Medallion of Karabor
    Garrison Hearthstone
    Dalaran Hearthstone
    Direbrew's Remote
    Bipsi's Bopping Berg
    Darkmoon Cannon
    Admiral's Compass
    Spike-Toed Booterang
    Mana Divining Stone
    Adept's Guide to Dimensional Rifting
    Illidari High Lord's Cowl
    Synchronous Thread
    Arcane Charge
    Encrypted Black Market Radio
    Inky Black Potion
    Emergency Pirate Outfit
    Bloodsail Admiral's Hat
    Red Rider Air Rifle

    Everything but the last three I carry around in my bags at all times. Certainly some of those could be turned into toys.
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    I had on my DK one of the heads from the dragons of nightmare, quest item / start, never handed it in, at some point though it got removed
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    Wow! I wasn't aware about half the items on these lists.

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    in your mind
    Dartol's rod is still not a toy either
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    Dang, this is a good thread. Hopefully someone in the alpha can post a link in the alpha forums.

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    I kinda regretted throwing away few archaeology items that became toys later on. >.....>

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    Quote Originally Posted by trapmaster View Post
    I kinda regretted throwing away few archaeology items that became toys later on. >.....>
    I assumed the game checked if you had the item solved and added it into the toybox restrospectively? That sucks if it's not the case.

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    I also despise carrying around the 3 "teleport to Stormwind" guild cloaks.
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    Great thread. I think you should compile the list at the end, and post it on the official Blizzard forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei View Post
    I assumed the game checked if you had the item solved and added it into the toybox restrospectively? That sucks if it's not the case.

    Similarly, you don't get credited with a transmog appearance for having owned an item in the past and removing it before the transmog system was added.

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    I still have some items from the pre-WotLK event that IMO should've been made into toys long ago:

    Argent Dawn Banner
    Argent Tome
    Argent War Horn

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    You did get transmog credit from quest rewards completed before it was added but yeah, not from equipping a drop that you subsequently vendored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei View Post
    Swapblaster - we grew up since wod hopefully.
    Hahaha, nope. Random officers in my guild will still attempt to murder our GM via swapblaster several times per raid. It's even more fun now that we're done with all the current content we wish to do and are now doing achievement runs in older raids with many more bottomless pits.

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