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    SageMo Tank LF Raiding/M+ Guild 9 P.M. CST or later


    So to start off I am a returning player. My Main (Paladin) has max cloak and neck, along with essences and decent corruptions. Ilvl is 671 12/12H experience. Could def do Mythic.

    I also have played all tanks in the past and keep all 6 specs leveled, most geared. From Early MOP to Emerald Nightmare I was a top 100 US Paladin with a few top 10 rankings and I think 1 rank 1 in HFC... i think. I always raided with friends who had a like minded idea of progression. I took a break for most of Legion and BFA and am a returning player looking for a permanent home to hit Shadowlands with.

    Excellent player with raid Lead experience and tons of M+ experience. (Maw of Souls spam anyone?)

    If you are in need of a tank or Interested in me as a DPS with a tank off spec Please reach out. Below is my Discord and BTag.
    I can link Logs and anything else from there.

    Discord - Sage_Mo#3255
    Btag - SageMo#1651

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    I played with this guy in Antorus, he owns.

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