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    In your belly
    Yoohoo, still playing, reading, sometimes commenting.

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    Let's see my yearage

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    10+ years of lurking

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    Hey there :-)
    English is not my mainspec!

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    Are 11 year members allowed in here?
    Custom signature requests: CLOSED | PLEASE DO NOT PM ME FOR REQUESTS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaqur View Post
    1 year to go
    Close but no cigar.

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    Still here and still return to game from time to time, I miss Boub running mmoc though from the old old days.
    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    Now instead of being pissed off at four people at a time, I can be pissed off at TWENTY FOUR people at a time. That's called efficiency, my little enchiladas.

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    o shit dat me

    Quote Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy View Post
    Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever.

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    I am basicly a fossil at this point.

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    how old is my account?

    edit: 6 months away, carry on!

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    In a week for me, I don't post here often but I saw this thread, surprised this has been such a long time ago I made this account..

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    Quote Originally Posted by taubut View Post
    Are 11 year members allowed in here?
    Gtfo !!!!!!1!1!1

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    OOF it's been 10 years already?

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    Saying Something

    Not everyone exposed to the new Corona Virus(SARS-CoV-2) will catch it, not everyone who catches it will develop the disease (COVID-19), not everyone who develops the disease will get sick, a small percentage of those who get sick will be very ill, and a small percentage of those who get very ill will die.

    Don't panic.

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