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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    It was a small role, but Runas the Shamed might just clinch it for me.
    Damn that was a good one too.

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    Arthas (Lich King), OG Kel'Thuzad, Malygos, Yogg-Saron, Algalon, Gul'dan all have amazing voice acting. Notice how they are all villains.

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    Orc peon
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    Oooh, dis be easy

    (In case anyone's wondering who voices him, it's Alex Désert. He sings for a band called Hepcat and apparently used to play some blind dude on Becker)

    Quote Originally Posted by HateTrain View Post
    Funny also, a lot of Bwonsamdi's text is written "properly" with his actual spoken words with a bit more of the Jamaican patois.
    Mmm... Dat's just how de trolls be talkin' mon

    Quote Originally Posted by letssee View Post
    bwonsamdi 100%

    i think its his voice that made people like himm lol
    Don't forget Rastakhan's
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    Yogg-saron is pretty great, especially his maniacal laugh in phase 3.

    Bwonsamdi is amazing. Definitely a case where the VA elevated the character.

    She might not get great material sometimes, but Laura Bailey kills it as Jaina of course.

    Garrosh also had an amazing VA that brought the character to life, especially in his hammier moments.

    I hate Nathanos with a passion, but his VA is great and gives him a really cool and menacing voice.

    WC3 Sylvanas also sounded really good. Definitely far better than WoW's version.

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    I am sucker for "epic'ness" of sound. So many good ones over the years (new user, can't post full links):

    *Ozruk for lols: /watch?v=_tMXQvp3cBY

    *Il'gynoth whispers: /watch?v=dsK7Eh0n1Ho

    *Different Jim Cummings voices: /watch?v=uiuwAbNdDCI

    *Liam O'Brien's Illidan

    *Y'Shaarj: /watch?v=lYdM752o2QM

    *Algalon: /watch?v=uv_b1-bsN5o

    *Kil'Jaeden of course: /watch?v=9qLpSJbSH7Q

    *And maybe the best of them all, Jonathan "D3 Tyrael" Adams: /watch?v=ctoNGHFI28c

    *Honorable mention of Earl Boen for so many wow-race intros & King Terenas (the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name...)
    : /watch?v=5gQt3vxhYAs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    It was a small role, but Runas the Shamed might just clinch it for me.
    Runas was who I came in here to say. Thought he'd be more mentioned but I guess not sadly.

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    Falric is a very good pick. Most of WoW's voice acting is cringe overacting though (like Derek Proudmoore and Illidan).

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    I'm partial for Chen Stormstout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HateTrain View Post
    Taelia, Flynn, and Bwonsamdi for sure.
    I think what sells the voiceovers by these characters is that they sound invested in their roles, while many others feel like they have disconnects from the immersion. Part of it is the source material, another part probably is the reuse of voice actor that come off as the skit from Family Guy where the comedian uses the exact same voice for all the characters in his story. It's getting to the point where some voice actors I can immediately tell it's the same voice actor, so when I heard a mechagnome speak for the first time I immediately associate them with a vulpera with the same voice, or a ramkahen NPC with the same voice as a nightelf from before.

    Anyways, another character voice I love is Abby Lewis. She's the child that starts the quest 'Teddies and Tea' quest in Drustvar that's Alliance-only... very creepy yet satisfying.
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    I agree with most of the picks in this thread so far, but Liam O'Brien as Illidan is not getting enough credit. Jim Cummings as Lorewalker Cho was also iconic.

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    Best played over:

    (More seriously, Saurfang for his cinematics. It makes me wish we could get that character defining moment in Borean Tundra between him and Garrosh voice acted.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daevelian View Post
    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    Falric and Marwyn were pretty awesome, it's part of why Halls of Reflection is one of my favorite 5-man dungeons of all time and the voice acting being so good is part of it.

    I've always been a fan of Chris Metzen as Varian and the multiple roles he plays, but I got to give it up to Jaina's voice actress in BfA. She knocked it out of the park in every one of those cinematics, her voice actually nearly breaking in highly emotional points.

    100% all of this.

    Laura Bailey has been amazing this expansion - my personal favorite moment being the confrontation with Baine when he brings Jaina's brother to her, in particular the line where she screams 'Is he the bomb this time??'

    Good thing Derek spoke up, because Jaina was about to wreck some shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    Runas was who I came in here to say. Thought he'd be more mentioned but I guess not sadly.

    I wanted to save him so badly, I googled the quest several times trying to find an alternate outcome.
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    thread needs more azshara.
    no but seriously azshara's va is insane idk how she does it. my top 10
    1. azshara
    2. laura bailey as jaina
    3. runas the shamed
    4. elisande
    5. taelia
    6. flynn
    7. sylvanas
    8. illidan
    9. arthas
    10. thalyssra!

    those are all super good. the generic VA's have decreased in quality starting with wod but the va's for main characters have always stayed pretty good. i'm obviously disappointed with a lot of bfa showings from voice actors (mechagnomes, everything in 8.3, and some war campaign stuff) so let's see what shadowlands brings.
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    Tyrande during the Val'Sharah questline. /s

    But in all seriousness for me I think Lich King, both Arthas and Bolvar, along with Bwonsamdi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    Probably Taelia.

    She actually sounds like a person, rather than some disinterested voice actor reading lines for some shitty MMO that people used to play.
    Taelia's VA is excellent, agreed. Also Flynn Fairwind.

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    Lorewalker Cho.

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    Absolutely hands down Lorewalker Cho. Jim Cummings is a legend.

    Bwonsamdi is probably a (very, very, very) distant second place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZazuuPriest View Post
    whoever voiced the orc that yells "THRALLS BALLS" in vashjir
    I have always wondered, what he meant y that. why would nazgrim shout thralls balls?
    did he mean the rosary around his neck?
    did he mean his man parts?
    Is this an idiom or something which I am not aware?

    I know wow has some vulgarity like garrosh calling sylvannas bitch but this one I cannot get it.

    what is the meaning of it? what kind of reaction is that? can some one explain this to me? I am asking sincerely. I am clueless seriously.

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