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    Liam obrien is my husbando with ths sexy voice and everytime i hear illidan speak i melt.

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    Lich King, Jaina, Taelia, Chromie & Vanessa VanCleef.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagawithlegs View Post
    the bones!!!!
    Holy shit! Looked up who is the voice actor of Gandling and looks like he is Nathanos as well (Jim Pirri). I play alliance so i hear very little of him.

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    Another turtle made it to the water!

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    Garrosh hands down.

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    A lot of great ones have been mentioned, but I'll add:

    Tyrael / Xuen

    Grom Hellscream

    Grand Widow Faerlina


    Yogg Saron

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    Anything with Kel'thuzad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemos daemonium View Post
    Garrosh hands down.
    Very much agreed!

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    Lillian Voss VA is good. But..

    "I am Kel'Thuzad. Your curiousity will be the death of you."

    The one I really like is the one whos doing Kel'thuzad and those in the Four Horsemen of Naxxramas. Overall Naxxramas got some awesome voice acting. Sir Zeliek and Baron Rivendare of WotLK Naxx the coolest and then you have Instructor Razuvious which is awesome as well.

    Thane Korth'azz yells: To arms, ye roustabouts! We've got company!

    Sir Zeliek yells: Invaders! Cease this foolish venture at once! Turn away while you still can!

    Lady Blaumeux yells: Come, Zeliek, do not drive them out. Not until we've had our fun!

    Baron Rivendare yells: Enough prattling. Let them come. We shall grind their bones to dust.

    Lady Blaumeux yells: I do hope they stay long enough for me to... introduce myself.

    Sir Zeliek yells: Perhaps they will come to their senses... and run away as fast as they can.

    Thane Korth'azz yells: I've heard enough a' yer snivelin'! Shut your flytrap before I shut it for ye'!

    Baron Rivendare yells: Conserve your anger. Harness your rage. You will all have outlets for your frustrations soon enough.

    A darn good trailer as well.

    I guess I like Death themed Voice Acting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonHunter18 View Post
    others have pretty much nailed it.

    I would add Azshara.
    Yeah, Azshara VA is very good!
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    Bwonsamdi, Lor'themar, Wrathion, Thalyssra, Oculeth, Illidan, Yogg-Saron including his transition phase, Kaelthas.

    All very memorable and great performances imo.

    EDIT: Almost forgot Li Li, Lorewalker Cho, Runas(rest in peace), all of the August Celestials and ofc the Loa of Zandalar. All great voice acting. Love Xuen and Gonk, the added bass really makes them feel immensely powerful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by letssee View Post
    bwonsamdi 100%

    i think its his voice that made people like himm lol
    100% this. His voice alone won me over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HateTrain View Post
    That's part of the problem I have with Jim Cummings voicing anything. He's a fine VA, and I can't think of a cartoon I watched as a kid that didn't have his voice in it, but everything he does, it's HIS voice. Lorewalker Cho = Jim Cummings with a Chinese accent, Runas = Jim Cummings. Hondo Ohnaka, etc.
    As someone who played BG2 a lot, it's indeed quite hard not to hear Minsc whenever he speaks.

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    I love all the gnome and troll VA. To be fair I think most villains and protagonists also do a good job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    It was a small role, but Runas the Shamed might just clinch it for me.
    He sounds like Occuleth and I thought those two were portrayed by the same voice actor.

    Both VAs are exceptional nonetheless.
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    I really like Azshara and Thalyssra's voice actresses.

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    WoW voice acting sux ballz.

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    Seriously nobody is going to mention some of the best characters of BFA?

    Quote Originally Posted by Varitok View Post
    No, she is my waifu. Stop posting and delete this thread immediately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ophenia View Post
    Voted Baine because... Well, Baine. Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself

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