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    The original versions in Mists, IMO. Every iteration since has felt like something is missing (because things are). The extra gameplay in Legion/BFA - artifacts/corruption etc - kinda sorta helped I guess, but Mists is when I loved playing my monk. I haven't loved playing her in any expansion since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drusin View Post
    Maybe I'm mistaken, I thought Touch of Karma made you immune to damage from teh target you put it on, not other people. So if you ToK player A and player B hits you you'll take full damage. I remember it used to transfer all damage taken from other sources but I thought it changed?
    No, ToK has always redirected all damage you take from all enemies to your ToK target. Back in the days it redirected the full damage up to your maximum health.
    Then they nerfed it to up to half of your hp in WoD.
    Then it was ridiculously buffed in Legion with the legendary which increased the amount it could absorb and redirect by 150% of your hp. So it could redirect 200% of your total hp. I remember intentionally standing in aoe zones in Emerald Nightmare to deal extra damage. I always liked this part. It was kinda degenerate and made your dps a bit swingy depending on whether there is fire to stand in but it made WW monk unique.

    And now in BfA it's nerfed more than ever where it only absorbs up to 50% of your max hp and redirects only 70% of that amount back to your ToK target.

    The problem nowadays is that 50% of your hp is pretty much nothing. If you get ambushed, those 50% are gone in half a second.

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    BRM mop was best WOD was very good as well. Legion is where they killed the fun when they removed chi and pruning in general .

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    WW mop before throne of thunder.

    I really loved how fast and spammy the spec was, with the mastery giving a chance to reset the blackout kick cd or something? Idk, to me it felt good.

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    I really did have the most fun on it in mists. The gameplay was interesting at least.

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    Was close to changing the BRM to be my main tank, but they maimed it in WoD and put it down of it's misery in Legion.

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    i miss MW monks using chi to cast uplift

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    WW Monk in season 13 (MoP). It's been downhill ever since that expansion for the spec.
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    and old thing... that IS comming back that i just remembered, was MW monk having touch of death

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    WoD for me.

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    I really enjoyed early WOD MW. HFC tier bonus cheese anyone?

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    Legion for MW, imo.
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    WW Monk in SoO with legendary cloak was the most fun

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    By looking at how SL is shaping up, it sure as hell aint that expansion! (speaking from a sad MW pov)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuujCraft View Post
    WW Monk in SoO with legendary cloak was the most fun
    Completely agree. Was extremely fun during that time frame!

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    i started on draenor...can't say anything but draenor it just felt very fluid for me. it was my first class on wow as well so it took me a few months to actually get decent.
    i didn't get to experience legion that much...only the start. quit and started a year later on havoc.
    i don't believe that i would enjoy it that much as it is right now.
    clones on demand were too awesome...chi explosion/tiger brew were nice as well.

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