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    That's some feedback that can be made for it, as we don't even know if this is the final product (I'd assume it's not). However, I don't think it's a literal waste of time if it's shorter than most trips people would take with a flight path. Plus, this is just going to a specific zone, not travel w/i the zone, so the frequency of this travel method is likely not going to happen more often than normal FP travel that would happen inside a zone itself.

    I'm fairly certain the intent behind this mechanism is to give a sense of distance between these realms and traveling a long distance at 'fast speeds', versus instant portals everywhere. From a technical standpoint as it is on the alpha, it's the same as flying between the same flight path where the scenery on live would still be the same every trip. I guess the most analogous scenario would be flying directly between Hellfire Peninsula and Netherstorm in TBC through the Twisting Nether... and instead of flying through a purple haze with some celestial bodies, you're flying through a light-bending show. While they accomplish the exact same travel, the Shadowlands one is meant to instill a sense of speed and large distance travel.
    Yeah, but this still can be accomplished with 10 seconds of this animation. Just zoom out a little and the player will feel faster already. And the exit from the portal has to be spectacular.

    This now just feels like an endless animated loadingscreen, not long distance travel.

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    So long as this only takes a few moments on release this'll be cool and just fine. If not - well, I'll still use it if I have to but I'll be alt-tabbed doing other shit if so.
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    Is there a option to turn that shit off

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    Seems rather lazy and uninspired

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    Seems like something that will get real old, real fast.

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    Can this shit be skipped?

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    Star Gate huh ;p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    maybe you should ask why blizzard wanna win with ppl in the first palce, when they implement stuff literally NO ONE ever asked for ?

    hey,im teh first to judge em for crap they do,but THIS??

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    First, this is not a loading screen, but it is a flight path. Second, this is mainly used for the first time you go to the zone. There is a section in Oribos that looks to be a portal room for all four areas, so you probably won't even be using these once you get the portal for each zone in Oribos.

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    Destiny "reloaded" ? :/

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    After the 4th time we gonna get so annoyed by that and the 40 sec it took...

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    They just stolen this from TERA. skip ahead 30 seconds

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    This is actually how I always imagined the Emerald Dream portals back in vanilla ...

    Coming from a Stargate background

    Looks really cool but they need to reduce the travel time.

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    I hope when I spawn ther will yell a Voice "Carrier has arrived"

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    feels very Destiny inspired

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    I like it, seems very much inspired by Destiny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathiest View Post
    They just stolen this from TERA. skip ahead 30 seconds

    Now THAT is how you animate wings, and flying horses, and create a feel of FLYING!!
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    It's obviously not done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanman12345 View Post
    Would rather it just be a loading screen, at least then the length can be mitigated if running on ssd or whatever.
    Why? Flight point is the closest thing to it. A SSD has no impact on how fast you travel via FP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    hey,im teh first to judge em for crap they do,but THIS??
    yeah, ofc, its not dramatic. but i also cant remember that giant shitstorm where ppl complained „replace loading screens“. ofc this was maybe a work of 1-2-3 days. nothing dramatic here. but on the other side: the game has way more serious problems than loading screens. maybe pick up them first ? and yes, its just the gfx team. and maybe a few sw devs for implmnting in engine/game. yeah not dramatic. but i even dont care about loading screens at all and know nobody who do. ppl would be way more happy if they fix classes and do good, high quality game content. so... dont know what to say here. it doesnt matter much, i think. but still/anyway: nobody asked for that.

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