I posted that in the mage discord and on the wow head feedback post already but wanted to share here too:

I think redesigning the whole aoe row (lvl 90) would be the way.
Make flamestrike spread ignite baseline to 8 targets, make it instant cast.
Make flamepatch add a cast time but keep the HU interaction to make it instant too. Buff flame patch dmg.
Make conflag spread ignite to 1 or 2 targets on procc, just like now, but less targets and it can't spread further if 3 targets got ignited that way.
Buff Living bomb damage too make it a burst aoe talent.
That way you get 3 different but distinct aoe talents. Sustaint but less burst, build in cleave for 2 or 3 targets most classes got baseline and burst aoe.
All that fills it own niche depending on fight style. One could also think to make living bomb spread it too but that might be a little bit to OP. Dunno. But it would fit. Make the whole row interesting and all about ignite spread interaction. Giving back some depth to fire aoe in general and this totally uninteresting row.

This is all about mechanics, not numbers. Obviously things would be needed to be tuned.

Sadly I can't post in official forums. =(