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    He's not talking about the circle, he's talking about the Thing from Beyond-like one that stuns you if you walk into it.
    I can't imagine ANYONE getting hit by it, as you simply walk in another direction (= jump in this direction via fire-madness). I've never ever getting hit by this with way more than 150 finished visions (5x R15 cloak, DK maxed cloak+100k mount + many more Mentos). This shadow-madness does not spawn that much at all. One can have some missing luck, but this shouldn't be something that happens often.

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    Like it's pretty easy (outside bad rng) i can do 5 masks with gear solely from visions (haven't stepped foot in a mythic dungeon or raid during bfa) my only annoyance with it is that i don't like being "timed" with the sanity. If it was a pure timer that would be better as i really hate having to eg slow down so i can get the buff before certain bosses.

    Note worthy though i hate umbric and his slow + polymorph + burning bridge...
    Only use kick on his poly (if you have one, ofc - my Pally is holy-only and yeah...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassicPeon View Post
    Yeah. When you can do 5 mask runs sanity is no longer the problem whatsoever. Survival becomes a thing though.

    Even my blood dk sometimes has issues in that regard
    Totally this. Even my bdk used ghoul goulash (% heal/sec) when he started doing higher masked runs. Not anymore, tho.
    The only character that isn't using any goulash at all is my DH - every other used, at some point, goulash.
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    Just had my first 5 mask Vision wipe in Stormwind. So I use a Heroic Leap on cursor position macro, you just point where you wanna go and it leaps without needing to position and click the circle. Well I targeted a bridge with an eye on it, same thing I've done countless times.. It leaps me into the water just infront of the bridge, get into combat with the eye and also the walls are too high to jump out and I just died, unable to move away with a grasping tendril as the icing on the cake.

    Stuff like this is annoying, Heroic leap goes wonky and an entire 25min run is lost, a 460 item in the bin and losing 2000+ momentos. Could never have predicted something like that in a million years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twdft View Post
    Easy fix: failed run spawns a box that gives you back the vessel but if you take it you can't open the normal boxes.
    Do I detect some... FUN?

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    As casual, solo player I can say horrific visions are best WoW content since beta in 2004. If you not touch any raiding or mythic plus dungeons making progress and getting success on 5 mask run is extremely challenging and slow process. But it feels so good when you finally have it done. 5 mask overlapping mechanic are annoying if you dont understand and practise a lot, but after some time you will be rewarded for smart play. Almost nothing is RNG, everything is experience, timing, mental preparation. I simply love horrific visions. For casual getting 470 loot is also extremely satisfying. Overall I rate this content 10/10
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