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    In any RPG that I play, it's always the plate user with a shield, and usually a paladin if the RPG allows that choice, because I really like the DnD/Pathfinder flavour of a warrior that follows a religious order.

    In WoW, the main reason I main paladin is bc of Avenger's Shield. There's something actually quite erotic in throwing your shield into a pack and see it bounce on many enemies
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    I started my main in BC and have yet to find any reason to switch or even maintain max level alts.

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    this thread is a waste of internet

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    Lorewise, themewise, playwise, classwise.

    Paladin is everything Warcraft universe stands for me. been Paladin from the beginning, still am and will be as long as I play WoW.

    and gear sets always looked dope

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    it just looks cool and sparkly. I always loved clerics in other mmorpgs. A holy healer type class that was strong and durable wearing heavy armor and helped people via the light. Like crusader in ragnarok online! Remember that? Good times. We need a holy cross or grand cross type attack from that game in WoW.

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    Fun throwing a shield around

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    I like soloing as a tank, so that already narrows things down. In WotLK I started by tanking on my Druid but it's AoE threat was terrible pre-buff. So switched to my Pally and loved it. Have flip-flopped between the Druid and Pally several times over the years but since Pandaria Pally has been my main.

    As to why... I like the tool kit, I like the aesthetics and I like the "Flavor." I like being the good guy. Finally they have the best cool downs of any class. Bubble is the only button in the game I miss when playing an alt.
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    Theme is awesome, lore is great.

    Haven't played holy, but Ret and Prot is fun. Ret is just so smooth to play.

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    Paladin has always been a class I enjoy in games and WoW is no exception.

    I find both Prot / Holy to have a good skill cap not the hardest specs to play but not the easiest either and it feels like I get rewarded for playing well with both specs, they being able to cover three different specs is another reason I acutally enjoy that I can go healer or damage dealer if I like in a pug or dungeon. With that said if a damage dealer is what your looking for I wouldn't recommend Paladin, Ret Paladins has its ups and downs but sadly it feels like its mostly downs and unlike the pure damage dealing classes like Mage/Warlock/Rogue the focus doesnt really seem to be for them to be competitive in damage all the time.

    Ret Paladin doesnt really feel all that fluid to play and I don't really think the spec rewards skill all that much either, mostly it just feels bad to play whatever the numbers shows. Prot and Holy are solid specs that feels good to play Ret not so much.

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    I like to heal, but I want to wear badass thicc boi armor as well.

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    I hate Ret so much so I main it to keep myself from enjoying the game too much and take it seriously again.
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    I really love the class idea, ok the class isnt the same since i played but i really like all 3 specs

    I almost every expansion says will reroll but never do LMAO.. Shadowlands i known ret pally is crap in pvp but i will dont play pvp in shadowlands because of it but pve the spec is really nice
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    This race is an abomination and atrocity. This race doesn't belong in World of Warcraft at all.
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    I love the sword and shield classes and the self reliance and utility of prot and holy, been playing Paladin for 12 years now with the odd break in between but I always end up going back to my Pala

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    I have a paladin alt that I have enjoyed deeply.

    First off, transmo options are great. Paladins have a thousand interesting sets that are very varied and different despite being mostly light-themed. Also out-of-ordionary options like Corrupted Ashbringer and dark colored sets work very well. I usually main hunter so I know what it means to have crappy, uninspired sets with horrible fantasy.

    Abilities are also super cool. Paladins are angry balls of justice that smite everyone and even the ability names are usually evocative.

    Lastly, they have the most badass hero representatives around. Uther, Bolvar, Tirion, Turalyon etc. They are deeply connected with WoW lore and have been ever since the awesome Warcraft 2 paladins with the glowing eyes and resounding voice.

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    It's the shiniest class.
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    always have since 2008, always struck me as THE hero class despite not being a hero class
    thinly veiled high elf thread

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    Me too, Paladin since Vanilla, I can't imagine maining anything else...though I've had many alts.

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