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    idk, i prefer to wait with statements like these until something is actually out

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    Trying to be positive but after legion and especially BfA car crashes im not too hopeful. i won't preorder, i'll wait till its out and see what everyone thinks of it first

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    I don't really hate bfa, outside of the extreme rng and crap systems and garbage gameplay of some specs.
    SL sounded promising but with each update sounds less good. Will have to wait and see.

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    100% absolutely. At first I was a little hung up on the whole covenant abilities and not being able to switch between them easily depending on the content I was doing. Slowly I've convinced myself that the difference won't be that significant because it wouldn't make sense. Ultimately I'm just going to pick whichever covenant fits the theme of my character and roll with it. I'm making my decision almost entirely on cosmetics and am going to disregard the abilities. They already said it's going to be tedious to switch covenants, so it doesn't make much sense to pick a covenant because X, Y or Z ability is OP at the beginning. WoW is clockwork, if something is broken and it's at the beginning of the expansion, you can bet your bottom dollar they'll come in with the nerf hammer and bash the ability apart.

    I'd rather be happy with my decision because I enjoy the theme rather than forgo all personal interests for the sake of an ability that could get nerfed if it's too strong. Again, I don't think the abilities will be a significant increase in performance. I feel like most of the people acting like it'll be some horrible model are just blowing smoke out their ass considering there's enough enough data to determine one over the other. All I know is, that I won't be denied from a group based on my covenant ability. I'm too good of a player for someone to give a rats ass about not having some specific covenant ability that may possibly increase my performance by 1%.

    Overall what I'm really excited about is gear becoming gear again. I absolutely hated how there were too many grind systems in BFA. I can tolerate one grind system, but when you start layering the game with multiple grinds, it starts to hinder alts. That's why I think 8.1 was the peak of BFA, not just because BoD was a great raid, but because there was only azerite grind. Prior to 8.1, you had to grind heart of azeroth rep on every alt if you wanted the extra 45 ilvl to your neck, but blizzard realized that was too tedious so they made the rep account wide. I was able to gear up all my alts through m+/BoD and it was an altoholics dream. Then 8.2 launched and essences were released. They were cool in use, but to obtain them was another story. I couldn't invest the effort to get r3 on all my alts and they suffered because of that. I wasn't about to grind 30k honor on each of my alts. So yea, I'm just glad I can go back to playing all 12 of my alts when SL releases.

    I get it, people want to be able to switch freely, but don't start wildly speculating that the whole system will be a bust without any empirical evidence. I feel like that's a big issue with the world right now. People will take a lone fact and create a chain of speculations until they've convinced themselves that their hypothetical scenario will come to fruition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demithio View Post
    After playing BFA for a total of a couple months, I can see why people tend not to like it. Some of it was cool and ok for short term entertainment, but nothing to get heavily time invested into.

    However, I really dont think Shadowlands is going to redeem anything. More of the same, with just new gimmicks. WoW has had its day.
    Interesting, I don't feel this way at all. More of the same? It's a complete 180 on most of their design philosophies from Legion/BFA - particularly with loot/gear.

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    retail will nver be good

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    So far no, but that could change as time progresses. At least they are listening i suppose.

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    @All who thinks SL is good but hated the AP grind:
    you do understand that there are at least 3 infinite grind systems in SL, right? You just hope that they put a cap on it, or what's the optimism?
    Serious question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toho View Post
    Personally I absolutely hated BFA.

    I don't think any game or movie has ever pissed me off so much. Now with Shadowlands there are new features that I do admit look nice but after BFA it feels... wrong to me.

    Especially since everything in BFA felt as though was pushed through so we can get this expansion.
    How do you guys think about Shadowlands?

    Was it all worth it with all these spoilers?
    As for me, making just a step back is no longer sufficient. I personally need changes, that will guarantee certain quality of content. And I don't see that changes in SL.

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    The concept of redemption is wrong. Nothing can redeem BFA. But Shadowlands _could_ make WoW a worthy and interesting game to play again.

    Won't know the answer to the topic until I have experienced the final product. Otherwise, what do you imagine we should judge it on? It doesn't even fully exist yet, and I have not experienced any of it.

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    I will say that what I have seen of shadowlands looks promising. Like many other players I'm dissatisfied with BFA after the excellent xpac that Legion was, though shadowlands long term performance remains to be seen, this will hinge upon how well torghast ages and how they handle the covenants.

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    If Covenants/Soulbinds are as bad as I believe they will be, then no Shadowlands will not redeem WoW at all. It'll just be more busywork/grind for the sake of grind. I also don't think they've done nearly enough work on class design for some specs, though they appear to be doing larger overhauls currently so that's promising.

    I'm certainly not pre-ordering the game until at least the end of beta, when we have a clearer picture of the amount of tedium involved in the game. That's really my largest issue. I do not want to feel compelled to do trivial chores every day, or even every week. Dailies and WQs should not be a major activity for raiders, except the first few weeks of new content.

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    GCD changes still exist

    Revenge is still ruined

    The game is still designed to be a loot threadmill

    The lore is still fucked

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    as long as all systems are ingame from the start i'm good, don't keep adding systems, symstems and systems every patch, it's silly how many borrowed power we have atm.

    Everything should be in game from launch imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arikara View Post
    GCD changes still exist

    Revenge is still ruined

    The game is still designed to be a loot threadmill

    The lore is still fucked
    The lore is fucked now more than ever. Shadowlands is the worst I've ever seen in that regard.

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    Hard to say...without seeing more. But I can say I love all the customization options being added and Torghast sounds like it could be pretty interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihavewaffles View Post
    Who the fuck wasn't satisfied with Legion?
    Legion was a snorefest other than mage tower

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orwell7 View Post
    @All who thinks SL is good but hated the AP grind:
    you do understand that there are at least 3 infinite grind systems in SL, right? You just hope that they put a cap on it, or what's the optimism?
    Serious question.
    Anima Power (for power gains) is hard capped each week. Legendary crafting mats have a cap from I have read. What other "infinite grind" am I missing here?

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    Shadowlands is the least that I've ever been excited for an expansion. It's just BFA 2.0 but with boring loot and Torghast which will probably end up like BFA's islands and be obsolete for everything except cosmetics hunters within the first tier. I hope I'm wrong about SL, but I doubt it very much.
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    Classes still feel awful on the beta, if MoP class gameplay was a 10 and BFA a 2, SL is just a 3 so far.
    All the promises and changes are simply not enough to fix something that was damaged this much.

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