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    Would you find it amusing if I told you that you wasted all that time writing that wall of text responding to a guy who, 12 of 14 posts, just copy/pasted other people's post? Does this look familiar?
    Amusing - but not pertubed.

    Sharing my thoughts is something we do in our family as a means of bringing clarity by sorting out our thoughts. We are encouraged to do it. FIrst privately in diaries or voice memos, then sometimes in public discussions.

    While initial passion drove me here, over time, and though lots of discussions, those of us who liked this just ended up finding a lot of information come up. So when discussion over it inevitably takes place, there is a lot to shore.

    I have long since stopped sharing excessively with those who don't appreciate it, but sometimes people do, other times I share it for the sake of the record, who knows how many months or years, later someone would come round looking for information and stumble across these discussions, views, out takes etc.

    Where else am I going to talk about warcraft stuff? I don't make a diary over it. Am I called to reckoning to justify to you why I do such things? Are you my God or the person to whom I am accountable to? The information I share here, I do so freely though, not because I owe anyone anything

    When I first pen things down, i't literally taking it out of me, it's gone. I only revsit it when someone brings it up either in discussion or critique and I feel I have to expand or give more, or counter. The style of argument used is intentionally comprehensive.

    You are meant to be passionate about it to read it - so it's there for anyone who wants it, although I sometimes wonder why people who don't read it like @Tanaria bother to respond.. if you're not going to read everything it makes an otherwise clever person a bit silly to respond.

    Sigh, however sometimes get sucked into it through being too earnest and respectful to others despite shameful and rude behaviour from people who ordinarily deserve no such consideration due to their action. yet, the humanity in me always shows, and I stay true to my character. I avoid by just ignoring the boards altogether. But if I go on them I engage whole heartedly.

    As for mayorovd, couldn't care less if it has showed up before, I haven't read every response here, so if he gave it before don't care. I treat it as a now. And sometimes a question asked before leads to a totally different conversation or response when it is asked again- either because my views have changed, I have more information, lore has since been updated etc.

    The response now is required, but if nothing has changed, I may still respond because I want to discuss a topic. However I am much wiser with my time thesse days, and will be even far more so, don't expect more from me on this going forward.
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