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Nightborne versions of each class:

Now Nightborne reflect kaldorei civilization and give us a chance to see how that culture does things. Whiles currently only Highborne, Moonguard and Nightborne types follow that way, I think it's practical to envision what the playable classes would be for player Nightborne and those Night elf players that play as Highborne.

So the caster classes and hunter are obvious - they remain unchanged

Mage, Priest (likely moon priest) and warlock
Hunter is hunter, DK is DK there is no elven version of DK because the class is also a race of it's own.

Rogue = Spellblade

Warrior = Sentinel (Elune sentinel or Duskwatch sentinel)

Druid/Monk = Botanist? or just monk/druid?

This is what you would call your Nightborne/Highborne Rogue, warrior, monk and druid, what do you think?
Spellblade could be a warrior - Spellblade Aluriel felt more like a mage warrior - but she could be a combat/outlaw rogue mage. But, it is worth noting rogue like melee combatants should be more common amongst elf types than actual warrior types - since their skill set fits agility, sneaking around, hiding, sneak attacks etc.

Sentinels is definitely warrior - each Night elf group would have different names to them and their skill set would depend on their affiliations.

Darnassian Sentinels would be Order of Elune related
while Duskwatch Sentinels would be Nightborne related
Moonguard Sentinels would be tied more to the Highborne and other pre-sundering night elf civilization groups.

Makes sense: Rogues are Spellblades, Warriors are Sentinels... if they ever customise classes per race, they should give the Nightborne and highborne night elves the option to choose Spellblade skins for their rogues, and Highborne or Order of Elune sentinel skins for their warriors.

I presume you would want night elves to have access to all 3 because you could presumably be playing a Highborne night elf or Moonguard one?