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    Actual numbers aren't required to know this. There was a significant rise in complaints regarding the lack of flying in WoD, and when Blizzard would reintroduce it. These complaints shifted towards the design of the Pathfinder achievements, after WoD. The amount of people complaining about flying pre-WoD wasn't as noticeable. Hence, vocal minority.
    In other words, you have absolutely zero tangible proof and you're guessing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Garybear View Post
    I think the requirements are the issue. None of my friends ever end up getting flying because the last thing they want to do after resubbing is months of dailies for rep so that its easier to do dailies. They just give up on any dailies altogether.
    Mohnths of dailes? Not even close. This will take you 3 weeks tops. Talk about a severe over exaggeration.

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    Yes it was! I think limiting it to dreanor was a huge missed opportunity.

    Imo the reason flying is so boring is because of the way it works not because of its existence. Free form flying is lame, I want flying to work like the feather! Faster but less control, more like a glider with mechanics/momentum that you can't just stop on a dime. Maybe ways (wind currents) to keep you in the air longer.

    Imagine the creative ways players could use that to get where they want to go!

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    That is what is actually lame. There is no point in flying at all if that is all it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothyjean View Post
    You do realize that this is literally everything in an MMORPG... everything revolves around this concept and yet people are still shocked Pikachu face over flying...
    Well yeah Blizzard timegating stuff is not new. But that doesn't mean I've grown to like it. I'm not shocked, just mildly irritaded.

    But you're exaggerating. Not everything revolves around timegating. There's a big difference between "completing a list of requirements" to unlock something, compared to something being impossible to unlock until Blizzard says so. There's a small sense of accomplishment on the former, and a small sense of irritation in the latter.

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