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    MM Conventant


    After maining MM since early Legon, and despite popular opinion, enjoying it in all of BfA, i am excited about SL.

    IMHO, hunters got better convenant abilities compared to most classes.

    However, i am torn between Kyrian and Venthyr.

    Resonating arrow is super cool, unique and the LoS effect will be super interesting in PvP. 30% crit chance aint that bad.

    On the other side, i am worried that maybe Flayed Shot (especially this one, it looks made with MM in mind) and even Chakram may prove to be a bigger dps.

    I am planning to do all types of content, but i am still leaning towards Kyrian.

    With all this said, with the return of Kill Shot, baseline utiliy shots and baseling Binding, i am optimistic about SL.

    What are your opinions and plans for MM SL? What conventants are you planning to pick?

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    Without playing through the story, so far i want kyrian, mostly because of the aesthetics and the pwetty wings.

    But that may change if any other covenant makes more sense story wise with my character, so yeah, i'll be picking one based on the story/aesthetics of it. I am kind of tired of chasing the "min-max" game.

    And yeah, i'll be doing mythic raiding and the RL is totally fine with ppl choosing the covenants based on their tastes and not on "what is the best"

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    Can't say yet. We will need to know what soulbounds will do. For M+ Kyrian or Fay (only BM) is super strong on the other hand. having ventryh as MM into raids will be much better I think. that KS proc is so important for MM.

    Need to also know end dmg number to know what even play. BM or MM.

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    That venthyr universal ability the teleport is gona be pretty op for cheesing and skipping stuff so I would imaging that will be worth the most regardlesss of the class specific abilities.

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    Probably Venthyr, the TP is objectively amazing and if kill shot hits hard it'll be nice to be able to use it at any time

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    Going totally casual and choosing best transmog lol...

    but knowing me, that might change.

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    Does Night Fae's work with Rapid Fire (each hit)?

    Should be stronk if it does.

    I'll choose Ventyhr most likely, as I'm not a fan of the other styles.

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    From what i saw, the proc is per ability and not per hits, so only the first hit of rapid fire/barrage count towards proccing the night fae ability

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    I'm also leaning towards Kyrian. It looks kool to me and the LoS mechanic/visual is so unique!

    I def would try both Kyrian and Venthyr for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if Flayed Shot becomes BiS but even still, I rather have fun than cookie cut

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