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    Discord Mic Test Lag

    In the past with Vent and TeamSpeak, I never had issues with lagging voice while speaking. However, I cannot get Discord speech to not lag no matter what settings I try. I have also tried various headsets, all Discord approved. The last headset that I used was a Corsair HS60 and just recently got HyperX Cloud Alpha. The Corsair was really bad, but a little bit better than the Logitech I had before it. The HyperX seems to be better than the Corsair, but still seems to lag. I havent talked in raid with it as of yet, just got it. But the Mic Test in Discord is lagging when I try it.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this shit, let me know. Its very frustrating not being able to be clearly heard.

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    What's your ping on Discord? Are you running audio enhancements?

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    Dunno man, ive never had any Mic, from a the cheap integrated mics in Chromebooks, headset mics on various headsets, the mics in webcams from cheapie 720p Logitech models to my Razer Kiyo, or my Blue Yeti have input lag.

    Now, ive had bad ping to Discord (usually when there's some network issue between here and there) and that can cause what you're talking about, as Pacox pointed out when he asked about your ping.

    The software itself seems to work fine with any junk mic.

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