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    What PC peripherals do you use?

    Thinking about upgrading keyboard/mouse. I’m currently using the Logitech G710 keyboard and the G600 for mouse.

    I haven’t used any MMO mouse other than the Razer Naga.

    I’d be interested in what set up you have and any recommendations you’d make for keyboards, mice, gamepads, etc.

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    Using a corsair k70 rgb mk.2 cherry mx brown and a Logitech g900
    Intel core i9 9900k: Gigabyte z390 Aorus Master: PNY RTX 2080 XLR8 OC Twin 8GB: CORSAIR RMx 750W: CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB 3200MHz: Samsung 960 EVO 250GB NVMe: fiio e10k: lian li pc-o11 dynamic: Acer Predator xb271hu: Custom water cooled

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    i just sort stuff by my requirements and pick from what's left over.

    4 side button mice are apparently quite rare so not much choice there + i needed it urgently so i just got w/e they had.
    keyboard i went with a more expensive corsair model than i really needed cause it's easy to be distracted by fancy shit you don't end up using. mechanical keyboard led lightning is a lot more liquid sensitive than my old keyboard though.

    it's hard to go wrong really. all of the major brands have decent stuff, and if you don't like the gamer look there are a lot of lesser known brands that make good keyboards in all kinds of form factors, minimalist/small ones are kinda popular.

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    What I use: Logitech G900 wireless, Sennheiser 660S, Blue Yeti, and a Dygma Raise keyboard (Kailh Speed Bronze switches). For controller I use an Xbox 1 elite controller

    What would I recommend you use?
    Mouse: Logitech G502, or any other mouse with a PMW336x sensor. Logitech's HERO sensor is a good replacement, it's basically a 3360 with lower power draw and some slight problems, but not enough that you should notice it them, unless you're an esport pro
    Keyboard: Whatever keyboard you want with mechanical switches. They're like 40 dollars. Find one with switches you like, but that might take some experimentation.
    Microphone: Unless you actually care, just get a cheapo one, or use a headset.
    Headphones/set: Unless you care about sound quality, get something in the 50-100 dollar range. Should be good enough to last you a couple years and not sound garbage. Add ~20 dollars for headset, and ~50 for wireless if you want those.
    gamepad: A standard xbox 360/1 controller. The elite is nice and all, but not really worth the extra cost unless you don't have anywhere else to burn money.
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    Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Elite, Cherry Blues, A lot of people dislike how loud the Blues are, but there is something really satisfying about them to me.

    Mouse: Razer Naga Trinity. Good for if you play multiple different types of games. Comes with an MMO side plate with 12 buttons, a MOBA plate with 7 buttons, and a "Normal" side with 2 buttons.

    Headset: Corsair Virtuoso

    Controller: Xbox one Elite controller

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    G600 mouse and G810 keyboard Though I'm currently in the planning stage of building my own keyboard since no one makes a good quality 18 macro key keyboard or makes one at all I don't think, think all the ones you can get now are used. I have a G13 gamepad as well but I might make one of those too. For keyboard and mouse, for gaming, I think Logitech and corsair are the best brand wise. If you step out of the gaming market there's tons of options for keyboards but not so much for mice.
    I also use a Blu-Snowball mic. For headphones, my Samsung S8 came with ear buds and I use those. Sound isn't too important to me, I never play with it on.
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    I have a Corsair K70 with Red Switches, it's a first gen so it's not RGB, just Red. But I prefer it that way anyway.
    I've also used exclusively Razor DeathAdder mice for about 15 years now I believe. I've had 3 of them in that time, first one which was an early first gen had the light burn out. 2nd gen went to Afghan with me and a ton of other abuse, I had to open it and clean it a few times to get rid of some double clicking, but was otherwise solid. I bought a newer one in 2014 and had it since. It literally worn smooth where my hand rests and when this one dies, I'll get another DeathAdder.

    I also use an Xbox Elite controller that's first gen. I have the Logitech x56 Hotas and currently using a Logitech G29 wheel too.

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    Kensington ExpertMouse Trackball:
    - yes, yes, its a trackball. Its also not one of those cheap tiny ball things. That ball is about as heavy as a billiards ball. Its super precise. The 4 buttons can be assigned to whatever you like, the ring around the ball is an incredibly intuitive replacement for a scroll wheel (and more precise because its bigger for more granular control), and you can assign "chord" functions to any combination of two buttons (Both bottom, both top, both left, both right, top L/Bottom R, Top R/Bottom L) meaning you have 10 effective "buttons". Its also built like a tank. The one i currently use is 13 years old.

    ASUS ROG Claymore Keyboard (no longer available) with MX Browns. I have the whole dealio with the detachable numpad (that can be put on either side). Got it because it syncs with AURA, and i like browns and its got a good build quality. And its TKL. Full size keyboards are not for me.

    Xbox One (the 2nd, Bluetooth model) and PS4 controllers - though i usually use them through my Steamlink (now nVidia Shield Pro).

    Blue Yeti Mic on a wall-mounted arm i built out of some spare piping. (Plugged into the Mac)

    Razer Kiyo Webcam. (Plugged into the Mac)

    Coolermaster CK 530 RGB Keyboard w/ Kailh Browns (on my daily driver Mac) - bought specifically because its TKL, got a metal deck, doesn't require software for the RGB (can use on-board keys to set anything), and was cheap (only 55$). Solid little board. The Kailh Browns aren't as nice as the MX Browns (a little easier to actuate) but are otherwise plenty good. They sell this model with Blues and Reds, too.

    Apple Magic Trackpad (Mac)

    Audio is routed through a mixer. PC Audio generally goes to a set of Creative Pebble V2 2.0 speakers (im not an audiophile), Mac Audio generally goes through a set of Logitech MX Sound speakers. When im using VOIP, i send the audio of both the Mac and PC through a set of Aftershokz ( bone-induction headphones (an older, larger wired model that they no longer sell that fits my giant melon), and the VOIP/chat audio through the MX Sound speakers. Since the Aftershokz dont cover my ears at all, it keeps the audio of whatever im watching or listening limited to me, but lets me clearly hear the chat audio.

    All VOIP/Video/chat software is run through the Mac.

    I dont often do VOIP/Video chat when gaming though (just dont play that many multiplayer games where talking is necessary), so the headset doesn't get a ton of use.

    Had a Corsair VOID headset before that (gave it to my wife when her Logitech G930's finally packed it in), that was plenty good for 90% of people, with above-average sound quality considering its price and the fact that its wireless (which has a definite quality limit until you get into the several-hundred-dollars+ range), and the trapezoidal ear cups are great if you have giant ears like i do.

    Mostly i agree with Temp's suggestions on what to buy as a "where to get started without breaking the bank". Find a mechanical board with key types you like. Go to a store and test them out (if that is a thing you can do right now where you live) or order one of the key tester/demo units (has a row of keys of 6-12 switch types so you can test them all, theyre like 20$). Find a mouse with a decent sensor that fits your hand. I can recommend the Naga Trinity if you want something versatile. I dont really do mice but the swapable side is pretty decent and i find it perfectly comfortable... i just prefer a trackball of the style i have. For a Mic... get a Blue Snowball (theyre about 40$) if you're not super concerned about features and quality (though they are still quite good, a lot better than most headset mics), or a Blue Yeti if you care more (about ~120$), but a Snowball will do you fine to start. For a headset, get a good set of 40-60$ headphones (if you have a standalone mic), or spend 60-80 on a headset from a reputable brand (Logitech, Corsair, etc). Logitech has some good headsets in the 40$ range (the G230(?) and G430) that are wired but otherwise pretty decent. You can skip the standalone Mic if you want to get a headset with a mic, ofc. Sound quality might suffer but none of the headsets from reputable brands are so bad that people wouldnt be able to understand you.

    If you want a Webcam... wait for it. Stock is wrecked because of the 'Rona. Alternatively, the second hand market is a great place to look for those. I just grabbed a Logitech C920 (a full 1080p webcam with a decent built in Mic) for my Grandpa to use to video chat with the family for like ~40$ on FB Market. They retail for over 100.

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    Keyboard: Corsair K70 LUX with MX Cherry Red switches. It's an older K70 with just Blue lights, not sure you can get it anymore. I like the blue light way better than red and never saw the need for rgb. Sold keyboard that has lasted me a number of years. The switches are quite responsive. Only issue I have is the space bar can be a bit sensitive and I find myself double spacing somethings without meaning to.

    Mouse: Redragon M901 Perdition. Redragon is a much cheaper alternative to Razer and I bought it because I never used an MMO mouse before and I wanted to try it out before dropping ~$80 on a Naga. While the build quality isn't as good as a Razer, I never felt the need to upgrade and have just been using the Redragon for years now. A nice "budget" gaming mouse for sure.

    Headset: HyperX Cloud II. Best headset I have ever owned. I love these things. Super comfortable and great sound quality. Swapped the leather covered ear cushions out for the cloth ones since they breath better and I live in AZ so sweaty ears are no fun.

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    Mouse- Logitech G600
    Keyboard- Custom BFO-9000

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    I use;

    Logitech G502 Mouse
    Logitech G910 Keyboard
    Audio-Technica ATH-AG1X Headset
    Soundblasterx G6 DAC

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    Mouse: g502/Naga
    Keyboard: Corsair K95
    Headphones: Blon B20/Sennheiser 660s/Fostex th-X00/Fostex T50RP
    Mic: Blue Yeti
    Controller: PS4

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    Mouse: Logitech G502
    Keyboard: Logitech G910
    Headphones: Sennheiser 598
    Microphone: Blue Yeti
    Controller: XBOX 360

    I have a Logitech wheel lying around somewhere and I'll be buying the new Thrustmaster Airbus joystick.

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    It's in the signature. Looking to buy a set of wireless headphones plus a decent mic. The only thing that's cheap is a Blue Yeti, but it's such a piece of shit that it's not even worth buying used imo.
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    logitech g502 hero----mouse
    steelseries merc stealth---keyboard

    if this keyboard ever dies im gonna cry.. ive had 3 of these and i love it

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    Keyboard: Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM XT
    Mouse: Razer Viper
    Speaker: Razer Leviathan
    Headset: Sennheiser HD599
    Mic: Blue Yeti USB

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    Mouse: Logitech G502 Lightsped
    Keyboard: Logitech G915 TKL
    Headphones: Hyper-X Cloud
    Controller: Playstation 4 wireless controller
    Speaker: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX speakers

    I have a mic for the headset, but haven't used it since I stopped playing Wow some time ago.

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    k70 cherry blue
    mx 518 rerelease
    FiO DAC
    360 controller
    MDR-x05 Simon Cowell's Edition Sony Headphones

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    Logitech G Pro mouse at the moment, and my Corsair K63 keyboard.

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    So I use this;

    Razer tartarus

    Hyper X membrane keyboard

    Steel series sensei 310

    As I actually don't do a lot of typing day to day basis normally and I actually only use the tartarus to game with, the keyboard is sufficient and was cheapish.

    Just want Steelseries to release a wireless version of that exact mouse and it be amazing.

    honestly, if you just game a lot, look into something like the tartarus, its whole design is made for gaming and it outstrips any keyboard for ergonomics and just access to keybinds hell of a lot faster.

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