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    (Feedback/Advice Request) Would you follow a small Youtube Tech/Gaming Channel?

    Hey there guys, I mostly lurk here for the WoW News, but I thought this section might be able to give me some feedback. Will try my best to not be too "self-advertisy". If there's an issue, let me know and I'll edit/delete this.

    A couple years back, I got bitten by the Tech bug, and after trying my hand at PC modding decided to start a Tech-related Youtube Channel. Will leave the link at the end for feedback purposes. Purely a hobby thing, not ambitions to make a living out of it or anything like that; but like anyone with a similar hobby, I'd love to see it grow and develop. And it has grown, at a slow but steady pace since I suck at advertising. The point of this thread is asking your opinions and feedback on what would attract you to follow a smaller tech channel.

    I try to vary my content types through (usually) 3 weekly videos. A weekly news recap, and the other 2 range from "How to" guides, to discussing current topics, to showcasing Software, and Hardware when I manage to. I throw in some gaming videos/reviews in the mix as filler content.
    Access to resources is an obvious limiting factor - I have zero sponsors or collaborations, and I don't get parts sent to me by companies for showcasing before launch; any hardware I get to review or test is my own stuff, and will always be at least a month late to the party (since that's when i actually hits retailer shelves).
    Other types of content I see the bigger names do are tricky, since my viewer base is so small and pretty passive. Q&A sessions, "Rate my Build" and "Build advice" videos require an active base which I lack.
    With that in mind - what kind of content would you rather see a small channel with limited resources focus on? What would interest you to keep following?

    The other point I'd like to ask about is more on the technical side - Sound, Video, Lighting, etc. Sound is obviously important, and thankfully I'm happy with my current setup. Video and lighting are admittedly poor - but I also have little on hand to showcase, usually. I'm currently using my webcam, but that's quite limiting - can't record myself working on my PC since it has to be turned off for that. Looking into a solution atm.
    Is visual presentation a deal breaker for you when following a channel? Or is it fine as long as it's passable?

    My last question... presentation style. There's a lot of high energy, high intensity channels out there; there's also the "serious business" types. My aim is for it to have the atmosphere of "sitting with your buddies talking about PCs over a couple of beers". (Probably doesn't happen a lot in reality, but you catch my drift). I'm not quite there yet, and then to be a bit too stuck up, but that's the goal.
    What kind of content presentation and attitude do you prefer?

    Apologies for the wall of text - I'd greatly appreciate knowing what people look for in the Youtube Channels they follow. Thanks a lot for your time!

    Below is a link to my channel; advertising isn't the point of this post, but feel free to watch a few videos and give me a few headers on areas to improve on. And stick around if you enjoy it / would like to help growth.

    Currently running the Attic PC Guy Tech/Gaming Channel

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    Look into the podcast "Video Creators" with Tim Schmoyer, revisit his past episodes and you'll most likely get answers to all your questions.. looks like some of your videos broke 70k views, I'd research what made em popular and see if you can cover more keywords around them.

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    I'll definitely look into that, thanks! I have looked into a few other "how to grow" videos in the past, but they were pretty generic. I'll give Tim Schmoyer a go though!

    I do have some pretty successful videos for my size - they tend to be the "how to fix a specific issue" type of video, though. It has crossed my mind to post more of those, but... without running into the problem or crash myself, it's tricky to get good footage and testing done.
    Currently running the Attic PC Guy Tech/Gaming Channel

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    I wouldnt but that's just me. I'm not looking for a some guy's opinion on widely discussed stuff, I want facts. I want proper journalism, no paid pieces, proper methodology for testing, and no, the fact that you're a small channel and dont have the require resources is not an excuse for me. But then again I'm pretty sure there are lots of people who want an opinion so if your opinion is interesting enough, production good enough and you're able to make videos often enough you're good to go in my mind.

    I do follow a couple of small tech related channels, but they're not general but rather very specialized and somewhat related to my line of work: repair labs, tech equipment review bloggers, overclockers, modders, etc.

    Good luck growing your channel.
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    That's fair, it's not everyone's cup of tea! I do try to keep my review/testing as controlled as possible, but I won't claim to have it completely down yet. It's the kind of thing that'll improve with practice and better resources, but I do know there's many out there that, at this moment, do it a lot better.
    It's the crux of my question, really - what (if anything) would draw people to still give you a shot, in a world where there's channels with years of experience, communities of tens of millions, and massive brand support.
    Realistically, I know most people will skip ahead and go to other established sources out there; but every one of those had to start somewhere, and I'm sure they also improved a lot in the meantime since their starting days - which I hope to do as well, over time
    Currently running the Attic PC Guy Tech/Gaming Channel

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