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    Quote Originally Posted by Glormon View Post
    2k isn't a ton, given how many different sources give echoes.
    It's not, but it's really not viable for alts still.

    2500 echoes per essence, 3-15k echoes for good corruptions if you're unlucky, 2000 per cloak upgrade, is still months of grinding.

    I would have proposed using other currencies for the different things;

    Visions 10k per run or 5k per cloak upgrade - gives you choice of running a vision for loot and upgrade, or 2 upgrades and no loot for the same cost.

    Essences could have been purchased by Echoes as it stands.

    Corruptions could have been purchased with Mementos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malix Farwin View Post
    Imagine thinking that people want to say negative things about a company that used to be beloved by many.
    Imagine thinking that Blizzard games weren't always horribly buggy, unbalanced messes like there was some ideal perfect Blizzard of the past consumed by money, laziness, and greed.
    I'm not a supporter of Blizzard, I'm an opponent of stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    Imagine thinking that Blizzard games weren't always horribly buggy, unbalanced messes like there was some ideal perfect Blizzard of the past consumed by money, laziness, and greed.
    Imagine thinking that i thought they were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    well i would hope people have the integrity to admit to themselves and others when the company they love or loved does something wrong,for example,i used to love bethesda a few decades ago,but that doesnt blind me to the fact that its complete trash today
    I would love the believe that the minority are the people who love Blizzard regardless of what they do and hate Blizzard regardless of what they do. The first person i responded to was obviously in the former otherwise he would of have never made a randomly comment like that.

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    It's expensive but it's a catchup system that otherwise has rather low priority on your spending.

    My main currently has all corruptions purchased (even including future ones, i planned ahead and purchased everything i'll need in this expansion) and now I have about 10k echoes sitting on currency tab, unused. If I was still behind cloak progression I could simply buy it with whatever i stockpiled because otherwise there was no farmable catch-up system (putting you as far as 4 months behind others if you capped the cloak just recently)

    On a fresh alt your echo spending priority should be like this:

    P1: choice essences
    P2: corruptions
    P3: situational essences
    P4: corruption resist catchup

    You can have 95 corruption even with basic 50 resistance + 6 from regular sources the week you cap. That is putting you at 39 (no ghostie)
    95 corruption is a lot, that's like 4x Rank 3 Expedient + one 15 corruption to cap out.
    You should not be getting out of your way purchasing expensive resistance catchup if you haven't saturated your corruption at base resist yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khallid View Post
    Isn't 2000 Echoes a lot for a character that hasn't grinded visions? You also need more Echoes to buy corruption after that.
    2000 echoes is ~13 level 15 visions. Or waiting one week after a single 15 vision, from your chest. (Note, I didn't actually do the math on this, but estimate says close, maybe +up to 2 more dungeons?)

    You also get echoes from some nyalotha bosses. And from visions, multiple times weekly. And from emissary quests daily.

    The number of ways you can get echoes makes this more than fine as a catch up method. It's meant to be minorly grindy, there's a reason you should play earlier, it's to avoid this grind later when you're behind.
    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
    I'm sorry sir, but we do not serve complimentary cheese when you bring your own whine.

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