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    Also, as one more last-minute purchase, I grabbed BlazBlue Centralfiction. It's been on my wishlist forever and is 80% off, so I figured....why not?

    I've never played a BlazBlue game before, but I have played (and enjoyed) a lot of Guilty Gear stuff, and based on what I've seen from gameplay videos and such, it appears to be along those same lines. If I have as much fun with it as I did with pretty much every Guilty Gear game I've played, it'll be worth the 8 bucks I spent.
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    Steam sales have been utter shit for years. I've got nearly a thousand games on my Steam account, but almost none of it has come from them directly. Most of it is from cheap bundles. Big publishers aren't giving away their latest and greatest like they used to. Example given: Tomb Raider. Released March 2013. On sale in July 2013 for £7.49.

    That is what the sales used to be like. Not this PC master race circle jerk of getting 20% off, or a couple of free funbucks.

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    Ended up getting Hollow Knight as well, and played it a lot more than MGS V thus far. It's a really, really well crafted Metroidvania, and I heard nothing but praise for its boss design later on as well. Difficulty feels just right thus far.

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