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    question about corruption

    I have no chance on getting the bow, I just don't like to raid or have a group to raid with, I currently just do m+ at low level 15-17 range.

    what would be the right combination of corruption.

    I have so far, severe x3 expedient x1, planning to get 2 more expedient (even though I have no means to get vita trinket) and I'm not sure what else to get.

    a masterful rank3 and a Ineffable Truth rank 1?

    or just a masterful rank 3 or is more important the ineffable truth than a masterful r3

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    pug normal/heroic skitra, it is super fucking easy

    you do 15-17's so your gear is easily high enough for an invite

    standard coruuption is bow, 3x sev, 3 x exp, 1 x mast (slight variation changes depending on gear equipped, sim for whats best)

    i would assume either a haste or mast 3 will be your best choices, but only way to know is to simm

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    you get more out of a mast 3 than an ineffable as well

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