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    Yes and No is the answer, some things with classes and systems changes are good, then you have things like Cross Realm Zones which are bad. They should remove this shit when they connect more realms together, if not Blizz can get fucked and I'm not playing WoW again. They only bought in CRZ as to not look bad by merging servers when in fact CRZ had do a lot of harm to the game.

    People QQ'd about not being able to play with "friends" from other servers and the leveling experience being dead and it's what lead blizzard to this idiotic decision to bring out CRZ when they should've just made cross realm grouping and stop there.
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    The answer to this is no. Because at the end of the day it's the responsibility of the devs which feedback they listen to. But, end of the day it's their team that makes the decisions. Not, people on the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fawkess View Post
    Has there ever been times where the devs have listened to player feedback that then made the game worse or had players asking for a revert?
    Yes, they had actual horse animations on the horses, and because some group of loud idiots on forums complained, they reverted them back to what we have now.

    You can look at literally any other game and they have better horse animations.

    However I think this is case of where Blizzard needs to know when to not listen to feedback.

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    So... kind of this, this, this and this + a little of this.
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