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    >DH main

    I'm not a DH main at all, actually. Don't even play a DH.

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    Which is exactly why it needs a new class, as well as a real effort to balance existing classes. Blizzard got super lazy with BFA and Shadowlands and is trying to avoid doing the housekeeping that is required to maintain the game. The new management needs to realize that WoW classes need to be balanced during expansions and if a spec or class is performing poorly it needs to get surgery in the middle of the expansion, not wait until the next expansion. Trying to cram every single change for the game to the release patch of an expansion would be "ok" if, and only if, Blizzard was capable of doing that much work during an alpha and beta cycle. They are not though, they can barely manage to put all of the content they advertise for an expansion, let alone do the other housekeeping to keep the game and classes healthy.

    There needs to be a stronger emphasis on utility heavy, dps lower, type specs in the game to break the dps tunnel vision meta that has existed for a while now that is slowly eroding the game. Abilities that can do cool things, and enable others to do even cooler stuff needs to exist. Basic team work and cooperation abilities need to make it back into the game. Classes like the EQ Enchanter, or the 3.5E Beguiler of the PF1E Mesmerist, specs that have the sole focus of buffing others, debuffing mobs/bosses without the heavy focus on personal healing or damage.
    First of all: l already concede that argument early in this thread.
    Second: veterans are more concern about systems than anything else. See titanforging for example.

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    I'm gonna say yes , they need to bring a new class. It doesn't have to be "hero" class though.
    But, presenting new ways to play the game is always exciting.

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