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    Quote Originally Posted by Norvak View Post
    MMOs are dead. Nobody talks about them anymore except the few that play them. Battle Royal games are where it’s at. Still tons of MOBA players as well. Easier to get into and less of a new player hill to climb.
    MOBA's have been dying off as well. LoL is in the same boat as WoW and Fortnite where it it hit the market at the right time and built up a massive player base that will allow it to ride out the "death" of the genre and a new game genre becomes popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmamass View Post
    hahahahaha....oh you was serious? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... LoL is a joke compared to the Juggernaut WoW is and it has no competition.

    also how many billions does Riot make on Lol each year? exactly ZERO....
    This is a perfect example of the Dunning Kruger effect....

    Just a friendly advice. Next time do some research, before you present something as a fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerox View Post
    I hoped Wildstar would become that (to me that game was amazingly wow-like good) but it didnt got the attention that it deserved.
    The game killed itself the moment they started to cater only to the hardcore players alienating the rest of the playerbase. Something WoW was criticized for not doing (but, as we saw later, it was the wrong thing to do).

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    WoW's main competitor is itself.
    There's so many features, modes of play, and just overall "things to do" that people who feel compelled to do them all are more susceptible to burn out.
    Then, these features cross-pollinate, meaning if you don't even partially focus on them, you fall behind from a competitive standpoint.
    Those who don't care to run M+, for example, put themselves at a competitive disadvantage in PVP or Raiding, which again increases that burnout factor.
    The only juggernaut that can take WoW down a peg or two is itself.

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    WoW has become its own competitor and honestly? It's losing. The shit story development going forward is chasing away lore enthusiasts since Blizzard doesn't give a fuck about coherent storytelling anymore. The repetition of game design is causing people to get bored and leave. The continued use of timegating after 15 years of it is driving away more casual players. Game design options that give the illusion of choice for players (non-RPers and super casuals aside) is causing people to get bored and leave because why bother making it seem like there's a lot of options when there really is only one CORRECT option when it comes to whatever you're doing? (Only one "correct" Covenant for pve and only one "correct" one for PvP.)

    I really don't see WoW continuing much longer after Shadowlands. I can see a tenth expansion ending WoW, honestly.

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    Why does World of Warcraft have to have a competitor?

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