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Really depends on class. I mainly play Warrior, Warlock and Death Knight and can say without a hint of hesitation that the only spec among the first two that might have been better in Wrath was Arms. DKs are another matter entirely since the class changed so much, but I do believe its Wrath model of specs that can do anything was an unsustainable design and balance nightmare that got phased out as soon as Cata launched for good reason. I certainly enjoy Blood and Unholy as they are now, Frost is another story.

Wrath's class design, while a massive improvement over Classic/TBC's, wasn't the best if you ask me. Now Mists, on the other hand...
What it depends on is what you are referring to. If it's PvE rotations, I can see why someone would say that. But looking at the whole package and especially how some classes are so gutted in terms of utility, then it's definitely the other way round. At the end of the day this is a subjective matter and off-topic, I just made the original comment to counter the absolute certainty of it in that BFA is better than WotLK in terms of class design.

Edit: I do agree that for most specs and classes, MoP is better than either