School Free Drug Zone

US-Akama,Dragonmaw,Mug'thol (Horde)

Currently Progression:
3/12 Mythic Ny'alotha

Currently Recruiting:
In need of strong healers and a few strong dps to fill out the core.

Current Schedule:
Thursday: 7pm - 10pm EST (Alt Raid/Trial (heroic))
Saturday: 12pm - 3pm EST
Sunday: 12pm - 3pm EST

About Us:
We are a bunch of filthy casuals looking to push further into Mythic progression and to build a solid core for Shadowlands. We are laid back but skilled and experienced.

What We Offer:
Cauldrons for Mythic
Alt Raids
PVP (BGs, Arena)

Our Expectations:
High attendance
Knowledge of your class, spec, and role
No raging
Mature attitude
18+ Age requirement

Firen BNET - Firen#1992
Pookstar BNET - Pookstar#1610