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    Lightbulb Would these talents work for shadow?

    Remove baseline Voidbolt cast during mindflay.

    Baseline: Lingering Insanity, Twist of Fate, Shadow Crash, Shadow Word: Death, Two Charge Mind Blast, Legacy of the Void and Body & Soul.

    Tier 1 Generation:
    Mind Fortress
    Shadowy Insight
    Shadow Orbs - Generating or Losing Insanity has a chance to spawn a shadow orb around the priest. Shadow orbs can be picked up to grant insanity and % damage.

    Tier 2 Mobility:
    Reverse Leap
    Shadowy Embrace - Replaces Power Word: Shield. Increase movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. No longer places an absorb.

    Tier 3 DoT:
    Echoing Crash - Shadow Crash now applies SW:P to all targets hit.
    Enhanced Void Bolt - Void Bolt DoT extension is doubled.

    Tier 4 Utility:
    Quiet - Replaces Silence. Drastically reduced cooldown to bring in line with other ranged interrupts. No longer applies a silence debuff.
    Spectral Guise - Replaces fade, works much the same as old spectral guise. Maybe longer cooldown.

    Tier 4 Area of Effect:
    Mindbender - Replaces Shadowfied. 1-minute cooldown now does AoE Cleave.
    Searing Dialogue
    Cascade - Replaces Shadow Crash.

    Tier 5 Voidform.
    Void Apparitions - Shadowy Apparitions damage increased and now generate insanity.
    Rapid Insanity - Doubles haste bonus from void form.
    Dark Ascension

    Tier 6 "Specs"
    Void Turret - During voidform mindflay is castable while moving and all spells become instant and castable during mindflay. Mindflay now slows the caster by 80%. Void Bolt increases mindflay channel duration. Mindflay gains % damage every second it is channeled.

    Vampirism - All damage dealt during voidform heals the caster 20%. Any overhealing is split between the raid. Consume your current voidform to cast devouring plague damage based on voidform stacks.

    Void-Touched - Void Bolt now costs insanity but leaves a stacking debuff. When debuff expires or target dies it explodes for AoE damage based on the amount of stacks

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    Yes, why not?

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    Some of the ideas are cool, especially the PW:S replacement. So many years have passed and I'm still annoyed at the damn shiny glitter that you are forced to take for the sake of mobility.

    Although I'm kinda disappointment in terms of how they are neglecting class fantasy now. Devouring Plague shouldn't have returned with its old name and visual and Power Infusion feels really bad for Shadow flavor-wise.

    I know Legion had some controversial designs, but at least they gave some credit to what it means to be X spec.
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