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    seems like they tried to merge EU-Aman'Thul and EU-Nazjatar resulting in missing guilds and duplicated auctions (=dupes)

    let's heat up the popcorn
    Yes, they completed that connection, still some guild issues around atm, they failed the todeswache and natchwache connection, in fact they managed to merge only bmah, so you got more competition there without being able to send mail, join guilds etc., and they failed the russian one + no communication about the problem anywhere but a single apology in russia, so still no info about new connection, that's great for planning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerate View Post
    I imagine there's plenty of technical limitations. The easiest one being...people having the same names on 2 servers. What happens then? Just force name change them? Many might not like it very much.
    They could extend the name lenghts and give you the ability to have last names and what not. GW2 for example has that.

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    Until I see a post with an exact date and which realms are gonna be connected I wouldnt care about that announcement at all.
    they announce something like this now and do it in ~3 years probably when no one is left in wow anyway

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