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    Some advice needed, please

    Hey! I am looking for your advice and recommendations with the following.

    Got a limited amount of playing time these days because of work and social life but there are a few stuff to transmogrify I actually care about.

    I didn't play in-between Wrath and BFA so I am in the middle of nowhere with my transmog options.

    - What are the quick and dirty shortcuts to some of the cool Legion artefact skins these days, for Warrior and Shaman?

    - I am thinking of spending the Shadowlands 120 boost on either a Zandalari Paladin or a Druid.
    The issue with the former is the no-heritage - I wonder if it actually worth the pain to level one as almost every set looks nice on a Zandalar?
    The issue with the Druid is that it badly needs some of the Legion skins to be cool from my perspective. Besides the Mage tower stuff - that is no longer available - are any nice skins that are quick to grab?

    - Just how time-consuming is the grind for the Shaman Legion class mount, even after the reputation buff?

    - Any tips for transmog farm efficiency in the legacy raids and dungeons as well as PvP?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Legion artefacts? Not sure what you mean by shortcuts. You unlock the artifact, and then you go for whichever tint you like. Look up artifact skin guides back from legion to see which colors comes from where.

    You won't get the heritage armor by boosting an allied race character. It has to be leveled manually by you.

    The grind for a class hall mount isn't that long. You basically do a couple quests, and raise your rep on the broken shore zone to like honored from what I remember. There's a little bit of a time gate due to that rep / progress in legionfall campaign, but the total gameplay for one class mount shouldn't exceed like 3-4 hours.

    For legacy raid farming, you want as many high level characters as possible to get multiple chances on every raid, instead of just one per week. Try to always use the fastest class that can loot the mog

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