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    Horde [H][EU] - Group of friends looking for a guild in Shadowlands

    Good afternoon y'all, I'm part of a group of friends looking for a guild in shadowlands, we can join now but are highly unlikely to raid until shadowlands.

    About us and what we seek
    Many of us have played since Vanilla (2005/2006) and have played together since TBC, what we're looking for in a guild is a guild that isn't too hardcore, raids 2-3 nights a week and has an interest in progressing as far as we can in mythic raids, we're not interested in finding ourselves in a guild with a bunch of ragers, constructive criticism is acceptable, raging is not, we play for fun at the end of the day.

    We're currently
    1 - Tank (He'll play whatever as long as he can tank)
    1 - Healer (Holy Paladin)
    3 - DPS (Hunter, Mage and Boomkin)

    We're all experienced players who through unfortunate circumstances find ourselves looking for a guild, if you're interested feel free to respond here or contact me via PM if you have any questions, I hope to hear from you soon \o/

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    Please check the thread in recruitment EU (for guild Simulacrum - cannot post the link, but you can find it with search), and maybe we can have a chat. Right now we are searching exactly for what you are offering, 1 tank 1 healer and some ranged dps. We raid 2 days/week, and we plan to continue this in SL also.


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