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  • Blood Elf

    6 6.19%
  • Night Elf

    42 43.30%
  • Nightborne

    28 28.87%
  • Void Elf

    21 21.65%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangris View Post
    San'layn are actually the closest. In my opinion, they should have given Nightborne to the Alliance (since the magical Elf niche was already taken by Blood Elves anyway) and San'layn to the Horde.

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    All that aside, it's still a joke that Blizzard actually consider Night Elves their version of Dark Elves.
    It's funny you should say this, but I actually agree with you.

    If the Nightborne were on the alliance with the Night elves it would have worked quite well togehter for them. You'd likely have the Highborne moving in with the Nightborne, The sisterhood of Elune re-establishing itself in Suramar, with the nightborne gaining some druidism and Elunism whiles the Night elves having their civilization side lived in/through alongside the Nightborne, while their forest side continues as is. ElegyGood war would have still happened, but either with the Nightborne broken isle help arriving too late and not enough, and the portals being made to Suramar instead of Stormwind.

    The Night elf government would launch the Darkshore warfront from the Broken Isles, after only getting Worgen help.

    Hmm, I think I see Raven's point at last on this one. Actually that does seem to work quite well from the night elf perspective, much better than what the Nightborne are currently doing on the horde, which is why I agree with you. San'lyan would have been a much better prospect - edgy, cool, vampiric and have a forsaken link. it would not have felt like them taking alliance stuff and we wouldn't have 100 posts complaining about it.

    Personally I would have liked San'layn - i do think that vampire vibe could be extended and made really cool.

    I mean the alliance like void elves and the horde like Nightborne, but that route has kinda broken the night elves and consigned them to forest elves (which some people are just refusing to admit), the grander kaldorei vision died when they took the Nightbone horde and decided not to actually do any development with them along their kaldorei roots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrix123mko View Post
    They are surely cooler than high elves. Even cooler than current take on blood elves. However, I think the idea of giving a void based race to Alliance is not particularly good.
    I also agree with you here. Void elves fit better on the horde. 100% agree, we have the racial support for it too with the Forsaken and Mag'har shadowmoon orcs, and it fits our theme better.

    Between Void elves and San'layn - the void elf in its current rendition is cooler, but if San'layn were to be playable they would have improved and remodelled them, the vampire vibe is cool.

    They broke the elves when they took the Nightborne to the horde. It was the Nightborne been given to the horde that prompted the creation of the void elves and given to the alliance. So now we have blood elf race playable on alliance, and night elf race playable on the horde

    This is opens the door for high elves on the alliance which is now a reality, meanwhile Nightborne as pre-sundering night elves (with new elite NElf bodies), are on the horde.

    Tbh, they didn't break the elves as much as they broke the faction separation - and it's only a matter of time night elves are involved with Nightborne - either as unplayable allies, or playable body slider option for Nightborne.

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    none of them. dark elves have BLACK skin not dark brown. there are no dark elfs in wow as this aint DnD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maljinwo View Post
    None. Try Warhammer instead
    This x100000. There is no real 'Dark Elf' in Warcraft.

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