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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    I imagine you meant PVE and PVP.
    Any game where you have to pvp to pve or vice versa can die in a fire. One reason I'm less and less inclined to play wow is exactly that, trying to force pvp upon the playerbase that doesn't like pvp and never did (pvp only essences being BIS for pve, overbuffed warmode bonuses etc.)

    Pvp can fuck off right there.

    Especially "MMO" pvp that's usually a zerg and lag fiesta.
    It’s not something everyone can participate in though. When there is a territory war, you have sign up for it. And even then, not everyone gets in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanmahaffe View Post
    I like how you call him a liar and then lie yourself about WoWs player numbers.

    While none of us can know for sure, WoW has a minimum of 3M users worldwide due to China. Also most analytic sites so WoW doing fairly standard in comparison to how it has done in the past few expansions. So there is a 0% chance WoW has under 1M subs.

    Glad you enjoy Alpha, but the hype for New World is insanely low compared to previous AAA titles, it is very divisive due to the last minute design philosophy change and within that time they have not been able to design any content that will pull WoWs main audience.

    New Worlds best case scenario right now is being a moderate GW2 level success, certainly profitable and plenty of players, but nothing close to WoW. And at most, it could be on the level of ESO (It won't)

    But it won't even dent WoW, as if a sandbox mmorpg with damn near 0 substantive pve content could hope to challenge the largest PVE themepark in the genre.

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    Nah, at least Wildstar had stuff to do
    New World is going to have to compete with Age of Conan
    It is universally ranked close to WoW in terms of hype and it hasn’t even started yet.

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    I've seen the NW vids and I can't say I'm impressed. It looks to me like a Guild Wars 2 clone. Will likely have an audience, but I seriously doubt it will be higher than WoW's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadoowpunk View Post

    This SirMedievel youtuber told me to play Bless Online because it was "amazing"
    Never forget.
    Was this the game with the confirmed Girl Gamer daylies?
    Quote Originally Posted by Samin View Post
    What if the big baddie is the friends we made along the way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laubman View Post
    Was this the game with the confirmed Girl Gamer daylies?
    No thats Eternal Magic a pretty recent game on steam.
    A MOBA MMORPG of sorts

    Bless Online is a game that closed down the servers not long another wildstar situation
    But at least wildstar was...good?

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    Might as well ad that to the list along with:

    Tabula Rasa
    Warhammer Online
    Age of Conan
    Black Desert
    The Matrix Online
    Phantasy Star Universe
    Pirates of the Caribbean Online

    Im sure I missed a few OP, but it ain't gonna happen, especially if it has no PvE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemasteredClassic View Post
    Asmongold is already talking about taking his army of followers into NW. we need more players to put pressure on Blizzard so they can get our demands met with proper actions such as removing GCD bs changes, making combat / classes fun, scaling raids, solo q everything in scaled mode...etc.
    That's what we call good riddance

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemasteredClassic View Post
    Monthly updates will ensure there is enough PVE content. PVE and PVE are inter-dependent for territory wars and invasions. The game has housing and is gorgeous and plays like Overwatch which has 100 times the number of players WoW has.

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    Lmao WoW is the EQ clone. Get your facts straight.

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    WoW has one tenth of its highest player base numbers , anyway it is dying already.

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    Wow’s lore is the biggest joke in gaming history. People want a fun game and regular updates which is all in NW.

    I find it odd that you're strongly pushing this new MMO and dismissing any argument against it because it isn't what you want to hear

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemasteredClassic View Post
    50k+ viewers of that NW video said the game is amazing. Sounds like you are a blizzard employee trying to make the game look good in the eyes of the public.

    Sounds like a NW employee trying to push some bs narrative on a trash game to people that can see through the shit lol

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    Is there a reason you repeated the same exact message to multiple threads that doesn't have anything to do with NW?
    No Lives Matter
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    If a man gets pregnant (and, while vanishingly rare, it has happened)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    No, Antifa are the real heroes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemasteredClassic View Post
    another blizzard employee desperately defending the garbage game wow has become...
    "im going to go post about a game nobody cares about in a WOW forum then call people paid employees for defending the game they play on the forum they discuss it." what an idiot lmao

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    "Game vs. Game" and "WoW is Dead/Dying" type threads don't tend to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing this.
    "Here lies a toppled god.
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