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    Recent Update and Content Creators

    Not a single YouTube content creator has posted anything about the recent Shadowlands Update. I think it's because other than finding out when Beta is and some of the things coming, like more stuff being piled up on top of the already bloated new systems in SL, the Update Stream was filled with a whole load of nothing.

    Why do you think it is?

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    Because it takes hours, even days some time to make a proper video.

    I bet Taliesin and Evitel is doing some acting on Ion and The other guy. Things takes time to edit and stuff.
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    Not when there's profit involved, I think. Usually if you make a vid first informing people, less people are likely to click on another person's video explaining the same thing

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    SoulsoBreezy did a reaction video 5 hours ago shortly after the livestream was over.

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