The only difficulty of this boss is how to deal with the frozen wall.So "Ashvane's Razor Coral" must be used here.

P1: No survival pressure . The ice touch can be eliminated by stepping on fire at any time. Actually it’s okay to stand in the fire all the way.

P1.5:There are four fault-tolerant opportunities to use explosive barrels.Even if there is no explosive barrel,you can also maintain 80% of your blood.Just can preheat for Phase3.

P2.5: Use "Ashvane's Razor Coral" in the frozen wall stage, The 50 + layer from the beginning to now is enough to make your critical hit more than 100%.If you don’t trigger the Twilight Cannon, GG...

P3:you should ensure that your health is not less than 80%.It now appears that mirroring can be completely eliminated. By the way, this boss seems to have no violent time,at least dbm is not allowed.Because for the whole p3, I forgot to use "Ashvane's Razor Coral".

In short, this is a boss that feels good overall, the difficulty is not very large, if you are interested, you can try it.