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    Inconsistant moderation

    I understand moderation is typically off limits, but im a little concerned that a user is able to call another user a "Stupid F**king C*nt" and only receive a "minor flaming" violation, 3 days after it was reported. And the comment was left intact. The insult was not directed at me, so im not emotionally invested at all, im just wondering if there is a place to talk about these sorts of things? or if moderation is 100% off limits? I mean the number of mods has plummeted over the last 6 months, with many forums having ZERO mods, and most having 1, maybe 2 mods, so its not an attack on the mods themselves.

    It does seem quite concerning to me that using a dictionary definition as part of a discussion about the meaning of a word = minor flaming, and calling someone a "Stupid F**king C*nt" is considered the same level of offense, and given the same infraction.

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    I think you should know by now to keep discussion of moderation to private messages to the higher up.
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    Public moderation discussion of moderation is not allowed. PM a global or use "Contact us" at the top of the site.

    That said, we will not discuss the details of other users' infractions with third parties. What you see publicly is about all the information you are entitled to if the infraction is not your own. We can answer general questions or questions pertaining to your own infractions, but not others.

    As far as the comment being left intact, we almost never delete posts on the forums just because they received infractions. Visible moderation so others can see what is or isn't tolerated is preferable.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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