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This bit here is the only thing that annoys me about all these announcements going out now. I don't mind a Fall date at all. But growing up, I was taught that the four seasons of a year are all 3 months long. Sure, the weather these days doesn't seem to fit into those timeslots, but in my mind November is still the last month of Autumn/Fall and December is the first month of Winter. Adding those 3 weeks of December to the possible launch dates just annoys me.
Your way could be more convinient, but it makes more sense to measure season by astronomical events rather than artificial months. And many of these events are important in our culture - it's not coincidence that Christmas are around first day of Winter and shortest day in the year, in Pagan culture shortest night in June was celebrated as well (even nowadays it's usually big party). So in most countries (I think) these dates are natural, no one complains it's inconvienient.

About Shadowlands, 3-10-17 November still seems like most likely dates (especially since Beta launch soon), there is no way they release anything between December 15th and January 15th, also wait between expac launch and season 1 can't be too long, people will lose interest.