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    Before LFR and LFG Blizzard had the highest number of players in history. Now with all that added and polished more people prefer the Classic version over retail. Not sure which part of that counts as a "success story" for LFR.
    The success story of LFR can be seen in the game from Cataclysm onward; they continue developing raids. Blizzard itself said that raid participation rates weren't high enough to justify the development time and effort, and LFR was added in attempt to remedy that.
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    True, I was just bored and tired but you are correct.

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    Shadowlands is becoming more and more of a clusterfk as each day passes, no PVP power, bloated systems that are useless in the next expansion, talent trees, anima power, runes, covenants, no flying, no mounts even in Maldraxxus, sheeesh
    So you're complaining that there will be plenty to do?!
    -Each expansion has always had stuff that is useless in the following expansion.
    -Talent trees? You mean the soulbinds, hardly alot to do for them.
    -Anima powers are in Torghast, you collect them to allow yourself to go further in the tower (outside of torghast, anima powers are not there).
    -Runes aka legendaries, okay that will allow you to make different builds for your talents/style of play/scenario (raids,arenas,bgs,m+).
    -No flying? Are you new, we earn it via renown with your covenant, I am willing to bet it will easier to get it unlocked unlike how pathfinder worked in WoD, Legion and BfA.
    -No mounts? WHAT? You are able to use mounts, wtf.

    And to finish it off... "sheesh" back at you, that seems like a decent amount of things to do, and if you are going to complain about "but i gotta grind all that out for alts" my argument is, do you really need all your alts to be 100% at all times? I bet not unless you are a top end raider and we all know those players do not complain on the forums about it.

    I am liking everything so far, wish I could get into beta and test stuff out myself before it goes live so i know what to do when it matters, but I'll either get it or I won't, I will be playing Shadowlands with my guildmates and enjoy playing and being social with them

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