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    Playing 81% baseline haste is too much for this old man to handle, so I'm not a fan >.>

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    Sure, I'm having fun. But I don't really care about balance.

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    In an expansion full of bad patches and poor design, 8.3 is the worst of the bunch.

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    I dunno. Lets see you going into arena and getting one shot and then tell me how it feels.

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    I might of liked it if we got the “Chaos” earlier, but right now I’m indifferent at best.

    I’m just not prepared to farm Echoes to buy Corruptions while spamming Visions for Sockets this late in the game just for the sake of bigger numbers in farm content.

    Perhaps if 8.3 shipped in its current form (which would of been broken tbh) I would of gotten on board, but by the time we got the Corruption vendor I was so sick of the 8.3 grind I just cbf. Even more so now knowing the Corruptions will be gone in the pre-patch so won’t provide any levelling speed advantage.

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    Never played a patch as little as I did in 8.3 for the last 5 years compared to the lengths of the patch. Corruption was fun the first couple of months(except for my crappy rng) but there is something about 8.3 that made me and subsequently my guild to stop farming the raids after 2-3 months. The rapid decline was interesting. That I was one that was among the 10 first to stop like this has not happened before. I just don't think 8.3 was that fun.

    To me I feel the gameplay is just not fun enough, the classes does not feel fun. It does something when so much of your throughput isn't "you", it's some proc or heavily modified stat boosts that contribute so much of it. I don't particularly like that power should be able to be bought from a vendor either. I really despise that. And thats me being kind. Either blizzard make systems that works well with power requiring effort so you don't need vendors, or don't make them, at all. I think those two combined have made it less fun for me, thus I am not gonna play more until prepatch.

    Did stop sub in early June, but one of my two arena buddies was gonna postpone their vacation a bit so I subbed for another month just to do 5-6 hours of Arena because thats the only fun I've had in WoW since march really. And I barely do Arenas even. Ironically Arena is the place I've had most fun the last months but I suspect that got more to do with my two awesome people I do Arena with than the actual gameplay.

    Anyway, I do see the fun that people have with it, and I think its okay for Blizzard to try new stuff. Unfortunately in BfA they haven't had many hits. Essences was nice. I felt that was something that made more sense to BfA as the theme, and it wasn't as powerwhelming(dont know if thats a word, but you know what I mean) as corruptions and not as flawed as Azerite Armor.
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