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    Something Strange with my raid lockouts

    something strange happened tonight when i shared a 25 player normal dragon soul raid lockout with myself.

    i managed to get past the spine of deathwing and i shared the raid lockout with my demon hunter.

    the once i had set the raid lockout on the demon hunter and kicked my warrior. i shared the raid lockout with my rogue from my demon hunter.

    i kicked the demon hunter and beat deathwing.

    then i went back to the warrior to do it on him. but when i went into the raid the game told me that my lockout was showing that all 8 bosses were defeated. but when i checked my raid lockout extensions. my dragon soul was still showing 1 boss alive

    any ideas?

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    did you reset instances? Sounds to me like you were still loaded into the old instance where your DH beat deathwing

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    my demon hunter hadnt beat deathwing yet. i only killed it on the rogue after i kicked the demon hunter

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    Yeah I read that wrong. Those details don't really matter, though.

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    hmm possible.

    i'll see what happens tonight when i run heroic dragon soul on my alliance death knight and then pass the lockout to my warrior. i'm going to try and keep all the lockouts i'm doing bypasses for on 1 character on each side

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