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    Elvui , weakaura , bigwigs keeps resetting every time I logout and login into the gam

    Over a month been facing this problem over 10+ characters. When log my main and set all my elvui - my settings get reset and goes back to default and the installation popup appears and in profile setting it's default./ WA - all my saved weak aura disappeared and it's empty/ bigwigs - gets reset and and all geta cramped in the centre of the screen.

    Steps I took:
    1. Reinstalled wow fully.
    2. Made my WTF and wow directory (non) read-only.
    3. Used the command /console synchronizeSettings 1
    4. Changed administration settings in win10 .
    5. Deleted config.wtf file and reloaded UI and relogged.
    6. Only thing left is virus scan & talking to blizz gm.

    Would really appreciate if some one could help me out on this. Going nuts

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    I always had problems with Elvui in one way or another, ended up making my own customized UI with Bartender and had no problems like that since.
    You can get all the same functions of Elvui if you want, just have to put a little teeny weeny ounce of effort to it.

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