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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post
    You're completely missing the point, I don't care that they're two different universes.


    I'm not saying that demon hunters didn't exist before Legion, I'm saying DOUBLE JUMPING didn't exist before Legion, so going "Monks have never been able to double jump" means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because neither could demon hunters pre Legion
    these two sentences show how flawed your logic is ... honestly can't even deal with your stupidity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrilion View Post
    these two sentences show how flawed your logic is ... honestly can't even deal with your stupidity
    So you don't actually -deal- with my argument and instead assault my character. How wonderful.
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    Druids should absolutely get it, in all forms, because fuck me it would be funny to be able leap way up into the air as a bear. Someone else mentioned it though whether or not the DH double jump is unique because of their wings and demonic energy, rogues can fling themselves way the fuck up in the air for a finisher move. They ought to be as agile as a bloody Demonhunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    Druids actually don't make much sense. You can argue that they might do it with nature(wind) magic, but druids are not really an agile class in the classical sense. They are more casters that get away with wearing dead animal skin. Their physical prowess is mostly predicated on shapeshifting into animals that can do physcial things, but animals aren't exactly known for double jumping or using martial arts. They also already fill that fantasy with being able to fly via shapechanging of stuff like the pounce ability.
    We have armor that has feathers, I think a flap would let us get a boost in our jump

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    And give stealth to DH and monks too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guiser View Post
    I think that rogues and monks should also have double jump. They're agi leather classes, like Demon Hunters, and should therefore be more than nimble enough to double jump. What say ye?
    rogues have dbl jump now with their AoE FoK

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    Monks and Rogues can have double jump when DHs get Sprint and Chi (Fel?) Torpedo, and Death Knights can get Charge and Divine Steed when Warriors/Paladins get Death's Advance.

    In other words, let different classes be different.

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