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    Should've been like this a long time ago.

    The argument can be made that's it's prestige on a particular character and a mastery of said class during arena during any particular season. Extending it to all your characters effectively devalues that accomplishment and essentially people would just roll FOTM to obtain gladiator titles on characters they might not necessarily want.

    The above argument was the initial reasoning I'm sure of it, but it's not necessarily a good one. Lots of people simply buy gladiator titles these days devaluing the prestige that existed anyway and others just roll FOTM anyways because they would rather have an easier time getting a mount/title for the accomplishment of getting it, even if it's locked on a singular character. Basically there's no real argument because people buy the titles on characters they want, really good players can get it on any character or multiple characters they want, and others don't give two flying shits about it being on a single character and roll for any advantage they can get. For lots they would rather take the easier road to gladiator and the accomplishment of getting it, which means any advantage possible.

    I'll repeat something that's been echoed in this thread and my previous point too. No player capable of getting gladiator cares about rerolling or not. It's literally not a barrier or a deterrent. Nobody sits there deciding to reroll or not on the basis of a mount being locked to an individual character. You're either good enough to get it on multiple characters or classes that suck that particular season, you reroll, or you fall into a category where you only do arena on seasons that your class you enjoy is strong and you like mounts and are somewhat good at PvP. This whole game at the competitive level is literally jumping around classes with reckless abandon for any small competitive advantage you can get (whether it be class changes or race changes).

    One can make a parallel to PvE progression as well. End of raid mounts are account wide and while certainly more accessible to a wider range of players than the PvP mounts, there's still some prestige behind it. PvE players just like PvP players will often gravitate towards which classes are strong for a particular tier to aide in progression, except in PvE the mounts are account wide. Lots of people who PvE also can't multi-class either, so why should Jimmy the DH who got a mount for completing high end PvE progression be granted access to the same mount on his dipshit mage who he's terrible on?

    Skills don't translate to other characters for sure. Not everybody can multi-class effectively and there are people who were good during a particular time frame, who are pretty bad in both PvP or even PvE during today's standards. Realistically I see no reason to limit these mounts to a particular character anymore, especially when some people might have moved on from that character ages ago. The PvE-PvP comparison, even if it's not completely the same is still a decent argument, and I see no reason why gladiator mount's can't be account wide.

    A bit of a bias interpretation on my part, but I can't wait to use my armored netherdrake that I got on my rogue on my DK. I swapped mains to DK as soon as it released and had to literally go get more gladiator mounts on my DK because I couldn't take my netherdrake with me, which is one of my favorite mounts on a class I no longer play.
    I care about FOTM reroller and I hate them.

    People buy less Gladiator Titles than before, because Account Sharing is no longer allowed. So your argument makes no sense. There are WAY less boosted Gladiators than previously (pre WOD).

    PvE Endcontent Mounts being account wide is as bad. Imagine Jaine Mount not being useless because everyone can get it now lol.

    I will feel bad if I see DKs/DHs on TBC Mounts. Sad this will be a reality. Time to replay TBC where 2.400 Mounts and 20000 Glad mounts on Trash Alts (and lvl 20 chars LOL) didnt exist

    There will be even less class identity because the 100% trash addon WOD with zero content made people think it is normal to play 50 alts.

    There will be even less competition on the ladder because it is literally 100% useless to play an alt

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    The only problem is that if u see someone on a glad mount now, you think that that person is/was good on that specific class. This will not be the case.

    There are many people that have glad mounts on a forgotten old main that they never touch.
    For example I tried rly hard to get a wotlk glad mount and now because I don't play my horde shaman anymore I never get chance to use it.

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    Great change! It will extremely increase game fun and interest in PVP!
    I understand why some people have a problem with it, but you have to do changes to get more players into PVP.
    Sorting out people by their mount isnt healthy for the game anyways. Try to act not that toxic.
    People who ride a gladiator mount earned it anyways (if not bought), it is not possible to buy (ingame) or farm them, they are not losing prestige value in my opinion.

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