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    Wrath: finishing Ulduar, finally, with my silly 10 man strict guild.
    Cata: not playing most of it.
    MoP: TI opening
    WoD: leveling, then unsubbing
    Legion: guild raids during Nighthold.
    BfA: Watching the cinematics.

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    Easily the start of every expansion, leveling and gearing up in new content with everyone playing. It's all down hill from there.

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    Vanilla: doing everything that first time, running north through the canyon to have Orgrimmar appear, meeting Thrall, traveling the world, etc...

    TBC: walking through the portal the first time to be confronted with a truly beautiful alien landscape.

    Wrath: the Wrathgate, nothing existed like this in WoW for 4 years, and it's still the standard for story telling in the game and many others.

    Cata: I quit half way through, the expansion was meh to me.

    MoP: didn't play.

    WoD: only played late, I loved Gladiator stance.

    Legion: mother fucking Trilliax. NightHold was a god tier raid, but Trilliax and his quotes are still stuck in my head to this day.

    BfA: Jani and Battle for Daz were great, as was Bwonsamdi, and Drustvar.

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    Vanilla: I have 2 here, First was my first time finding an abomination wandering down to Darkshire wrecking everything in it's path. It was still early enough in wow that there was no high level toon to destroy it so it got all the way. My second was finally... FINALLY getting the last stage of my Paladin changer quest done, the group was just barely keeping it together at the tail end of the event, but we got it done and I spent the next few days just marveling at my golden armored pony.

    BC: For me it had to be finishing up the Neatherwing rep, that just felt like my capstone moment of BC.

    WotLK: This one is hard to pick I loved this time of the game so much, A few notable moments for me where the Addition of Stormwind harbor, the Wrathgate, Stormpeaks music, The Gunship battle, and getting to fight Arthas.

    Cata: Cata was a mixed bag for me, but it did have a moment or two like Getting to fight on Deathwings back.

    MoP: like WotLK this expansion was chalked full of memorable moments, the intro quests, Getting into the vale, TotES, Landfall, island of thunder, SoO.

    WoD: (Insert when it was over meme here) Past that I will give WoD some credit, the leveling up experience was cool at points, for me Spires was cool and fun.

    Legion: It had a few like moments of the order halls, and going to argus.

    BfA: I actually liked this expansion more then most it seems, I liked the intro assault/defense of UC, I liked both of the capstones for each sides story (special props to watching Jaina summoning the fleet) , Warfronts, and the assault on Daz to name a few.

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    Legion: Unlocking the challenge mode skin of my weapon

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