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    my Thief PvP Build Guide - For F2P Players and Beginners

    Link for the THIEF build:


    Im a newbie myself but i wanted to share the build i found to be the best after 150 games played and many failed experiments.
    I finally found a build im comfortable with And wanted to share
    Many skill and talent decisions were made for an easier and more passive gameplay.
    Not because they were optimal but because they offer an easier playstyle.



    Dagger + Dagger


    Hide in the Shadows: A 1 second cast heal that removes dangerous conditions. Mandatory for this build because we made decisions on the talent tree for an easier playstyle which lead to us not having any other condition cleansing abilities.
    Carefull...it can easily be interrupted even though is a 1 second cast.

    Shadowstep: Mandatory for almost...if not every thief build. Is your main CC breaker and serves as utility and survival, jukes etc.

    Shadow Refuge: I hear its bad in the highest level of play and easily countered by the enemy team BUT is the easiest to use stealth ability in the game.
    Can be used to save your team if they are on the down state, to roam the entire map on stealth because it gives a HUGE stealth timer.
    Very versatile ability

    Assassin Signet: We are stacking as much attack power as we can with this build. Use the active before an opener Backstab burst

    Dagger Storm: 3 second immunity. Low cooldown. Survival. For your own good



    Valkyrie Amulet: Good health and Ferocity. Survival and Offensive burst openers
    1200 power
    900 Vitality
    900 Ferocity

    Rune of Infiltration More potential damage

    Daggers: Compounding & Exploitation (more damage)
    Shortbow: Cleansing & Escape



    You are going to open on enemies with Steal + Assassins Signet active into a stealthed BACKSTAB for huge burst damage
    Some classes get instantly bellow 50% health which will trigger several of your customization options to do more damage...
    At this point (bellow 50%) SPAM HEARTSEEKERS (button 2) for a crapton of damage.

    You have a talent which will make you take 33% reduced damage when you have the "revealed" debuff (after you do an attack after stealth and cant stealth again for a couple seconds)
    You want to only be visible for the most part WHILE you have this debuff...which becomes a BUFF since you take 33% less damage (>_<)

    You are EXTREMELY squishy...you die with any enemy fart attack, so you need to be extremely careful.
    Restealth as fast as possible with Cloack & Dagger (button 5) or Shadow Refuge.

    You have extremely low cooldown on your steal ability, which is your burst opener.
    With this build you instantly get in stealth after a steal so is easier to play.
    50% extra movement speed while in stealth and you also heal while in stealth

    The last talent picked in Deadly Arts is Improvisation
    This will instantly reset the cooldown of one of your abilities when you steal...is amazing.

    Very easy gameplay.
    Glass Cannon
    Take less damage while "revealed"
    Quickly re enter stealth otherwise you die from any enemy fart
    Link for the THIEF build:
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