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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolthulhu View Post
    I still don't understand where you're aiming at. Aside from not understanding what "a legacy holder in wife" means (could be the language barrier, could be that you meant to type "life" instead of "wife")
    As I understand it, "legacy holder in wife" means kid's mom went to that college, which makes kid a legacy. Its like passing a fancy title down to an entitled brat, but from mom instead of dad.
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    I can see legacy status carrying some weight for admissions when choosing between two equally qualified candidates. Harvard I'm sure gets thousands of applications from 4.0+ students who are also 3 sport athletes with a slew of extracurriculars and a history of volunteerism, so a determination has to be made somewhere.

    In terms of actually displacing a qualified and unconnected applicant for a less qualified legacy one? No, forget that nonsense.
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    Legacies don't bother so much if done right. If I brought prestige to the school, helped out the school, then my kids should be benefit. All that other stuff is nonsense.

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