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  • Guys prefer monster races over girls

    64 28.19%
  • Girls play monster races just as often

    34 14.98%
  • Impossible to tell

    67 29.52%
  • I've never really thought about it

    51 22.47%
  • Oher

    11 4.85%
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    I prefer draenai, but i have an alt of all races, cept human, dwarf, gnome, and mechagnome. Cause fuck those races.

    Im forced to play night elf and blood elf for my 2 demon hunters, and while i love worgen warlocks, i want it to be draenai.

    Sooo, i prefer the monster races as a female.

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    Honestly it all depends on the design of such races. Both men and women enjoy bestial, fierce races - as much as they enjoy lithe, subdued races. I honestly have no clue who is what anymore because there are too many races to really get a gauge on what kind of people play them. The internet has broadened a lot of peoples tastes and MMORPGs over the years have exposed a lot of people to these things.

    Maybe back when the MMORPG genre first got popular it would be easier to say - but now? I see a lot of men play girly races, and a lot of women playing the handsome races. Makes sense, I guess - but the opposite is also true quite often. As for beast races? Mixed bag. Personally I see more men playing the burly furry characters, and women playing the cutesy variants.
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    As a Horde fan it saddens me to know that the majority of the faction that was originally comprised of the "Savage" races is dominated by elves. People want to play as barbie dolls so they generally play the token pretty race H-side because that's where most serious players tend to be. Oh well. I'm hoping the new cosmetics in Shadowlands helps balance this out but it's unlikely seeing barbie and ken are getting new features as well.
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    Female player here. This will be all about my opinion and experiences.
    I am personally sick of all "female human mmo races" (You know what I am talking about). Started to play WoW as a female tauren because anywhere else "could be a female minotaur" (aka beastlike race). I also have a male worgen for that fact. (Also I dislike elves).
    I would LOVE to play real female monsters.
    IMO Female naga model is just meh, I would love to play a more snake-faced-like creature like the male (or Sethrak).
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    Not gonna happen because Blizzard is gonna say "it's to hard to make a female model". Because they're terrified of creating females who are not cutesexy and disappointing the wanker segment of the playerbase.

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    Not sure about overall distribution, but I've met way too many insecure guys over the years that "needed" to play on horde side to prove their masculinity. I would say you will find more of these on Horde from my experience, but I can only guess what their overall population within the playerbase is. So for those guys I'd argue yes. I think the trend is there, but it's hard to gauge how pronounced it is. Many people these days just want a wholesome package of armor looking good and decent animations. Others haven't seen how their character looks like outside of the character selection screen since 2005 since their zoom is stuck at max distance.
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    Idk every other guy I meet seems to prefer playing Female chars with Female names.

    I mean I can kinda understand playing a Female as a man, but naming it with a clear feminine name too just seems odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarym13 View Post
    Idk every other guy I meet seems to prefer playing Female chars with Female names.

    I mean I can kinda understand playing a Female as a man, but naming it with a clear feminine name too just seems odd.
    I mean, i don't care either way but why would you pick a female avatar and name it "John"? That seems even more strange to me, a female character should have a female name.
    And if you think an avatar would be indicative of the person playing it then you are very naive or desperate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soikona View Post
    For everything I prefer a human race. Playing a “monster” has zero interest to me. All my horde toons are belf cause it’s the closest human like race there.
    Sadly you picked the ULTIMATE monster race.

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