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    I mean, if the Horde PC is going to be pointed fingers all the damn time from now on because of Teldrassil, we could as well take the cue and burn a couple of additional cities, because why not. The outcome won't be any different, and unlike during MoP/MoP 2.0 BfA, the Horde has no characters of note left, so if they drop the villain bat on Baine/Talanji/Bob or even Green Jesus himself, I don't really care.

    I mean, if we're supposed to be the bad guys, at least acknowledge it properly and stop forcing those lame civil wars cuz of MUH HONORZ.
    i mean even the Jailer has elementals of fire and ash on his service, I believe elementals are also construct formed by spirit energy if you can gather it from somewhere.
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    No, she is my waifu. Stop posting and delete this thread immediately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ophenia View Post
    Voted Baine because... Well, Baine. Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself

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    Maybe don't do a genocide next time?.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tente View Post
    Burn another huge tree full of night elves, I'm in !
    Tbh it was Sylvanas that did this. And we are here primarly to find her and stop whatever she's planning. She has become the enemy of a whole world at this point.

    Even Tyrande and Shandris aknowledge it during the questline. But because they are hateful, they still can't help but to blame my character for all the bad things, while at the same time relying on my help to redeem the souls. Shandris is fucking ridiculous on a whole new level btw. She finds her way to Oribos and speaks to Bolvar and the others first and learns that we can escape the Maw. She fucking knows how crucial we are to saving the Shadowlands and other realms, she knows we are the only ones able to set things right (as cringe as this concept is, imo). She goes there with us, is terrified at how awful that place is. She still spits insults and blames. We help her find her "mother" while protecting her from Maw forces. She still complains and blames. We save MANY souls of the Night Elves and bring them to Ardenweald, to be spared from the Jailer's torments. She is still. Fucking. Blaming us.

    Tbh if the game allowed free choices, I'd just let Shandris get lost within the Maw and tell Ysera she can go there and save Shandris for all I care. The intent of this questline for a Horde character is clear. It's either you approved of what Sylvanas has done, in which case you just laugh at all the blame because you are the "warrrrrr in warrrrrrcraft" type, or you disagreed with Sylvanas (but still were forced to do what Blizzard wanted you to do, because after over 15 years this (mmo)rpg game still has a one-directional storylines) and now have to endure insults and false-guilt, while simultaneously trying to save those complaining. And neither way works anyway, so by now I despise what Ardenweald has become and how little fucks Winter Queen gives.

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    And i had people here constantly antagonizing me, saying "no dude, night fay and ardenwald are totally not night elf shenanigans, they are totally different from night elves and the night elves there are just minor things", so ironic how we end up, i think i will put one warlock there just to piss then off.
    Yeah, it's funny. Maybe at the begining it was true, but now there are more Night Elf npcs than Night Fae of any kind in the covenant hall, lmao. Ruling over them are Ysera, a night elf, and two gay deers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TickTickTick View Post
    Yeah, it's funny. Maybe at the begining it was true, but now there are more Night Elf npcs than Night Fae of any kind in the covenant hall, lmao. Ruling over them are Ysera, a night elf, and two gay deers.
    there was no way that thing would end be other thing than night elf shenanigans, the place screamed NE all over the place, the fauns and the other race were basically night elves reskined, the lore and thematic too, it was like saying maldraxxus was not scourge related

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