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    When they announced that corruptions are going away with the pre-patch, it literally killed ANY motivation to keep upgrading the cloak.

    I mean, what's the point then?
    Agree with this. Corruptions have completely changed the way you gear you character, spec your character, even for some their rotations. I wasn't a fan of them but they have ingrained themselves into pve and pvp content thoroughly. At this point removing them before Shadowlands actually starts is a strange decision

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    So basically your opinion is utterly useless then.

    Cool, glad there's a few less elitists in the game now.
    There went most of the playerbase lmao. Only LFR heroes now.

    What's the matter, you need a trophy for sticking around too?

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    Complains about LFR? Check.

    "There went most of the playerbase"-statement? Check.

    Participation reward (i.e. outdated elitist go to insult) remark? Check.

    Yep, definitely a boomer all right. Definitely glad there's less of this guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scathan View Post
    If something else like a job or a family prevents you from getting an in game item that is that person having their priorities straight. The fact is it isn't the business practice that is the problem. The problem is people making sacrifices that they shouldn't for a game. And that is their problem. Not blizzards. It should not be illegal, because that is just treating adults like they are children.

    If you are an adult. You are responsible for your actions.

    If you are a child, your parents are responsible for teaching you how to prioritize gameplay in your life and limiting the amount of gameplay.

    Neither of these things is blizzards job.

    Tldr: grow up, just because you pay for a game you play doesn't mean you deserve everything in it.
    I think you don't understand what I'm saying, priorities are jobs and families, which makes the game uncompletable by design. bad design. a game should be completable. and exploiting addictive behaviors which makes life more pressurized (fomo) in exchange is vile. like exploiting people who can't stop spending money on random stuff. that's it. I'm for economic freedom, but there's limits because of our greedy nature. furthermore some limits could make games more qualitative, for instance banning real life ads in every texture of the game or pornographic stuff in games aiming to be qualitative. or making the game actually completable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever Alone View Post
    Forced scarcity makes you look like pieces of shit Blizzard.
    Forced scarcity? What do you mean by that?

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